Today Pinewood Derby - Tomorrow NASCAR

(above) Go Boone Racer, Go

When nine year-old Josh (DU '22) designed his entry for the 2009 Pinewood Derby in Denver last weekend, he decorated his car with his favorite mascot.

The Boonemobile finished in fourth place, barely missing out on winning a trophy.


Amy said...

Good job Josh. :)

Anonymous said...

Go Boone Racer! Go Boone Racer! Go Boone Racer GO!

puck swami said...

I am still emotionally scarred from my own very sad Pinewood Derby experiences from 35 years ago...Short summary: inept and busy father was no help to me and offered no tools, so I carved own my car with a butter knife and figured my self-made car would do well out of pure karma and poetic justice. My car never even got out of starting gate, followed by huge pointing and laughing by fellow scouts, and other general ridicule.

Life Lesson: Fathers who own lathes rule the world. The rest of us just pick up the scraps.

Do I sound bitter?

Go Josh.

dggoddard said...


Its amazing how your Pinewood Derby experience mirrors your hockey career.

Josh represents the spirit in the Bring Back Boone Movement. A plucky fourth grader who thinks Boone looks cool and isn't afraid to tell the world.

Go Josh & thanks to yor relatives for sharing the photos with us.

Trev said...

Did the car reach warp speed?

I want some space cash!

Go Boone Go!