DU Professors Label Kentucky Derby Horse Racist

(above) Pioneer of the Nile finished second in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday

The University of Denver's Center for Multicultural Excellence issued a press release yesterday denouncing the horse that finished in second place on Saturday in the Run for the Roses. They claim that the horse named "Pioneer of the Nile" is a racist.

Pioneer of the Nile's father was named Empire Maker which clearly denotes "cultural superiority." They also noted that horse racing is a symbol of white privilege, despite the fact that Pioneer of the Nile is owned by a Middle Eastern oil sheik.

It is believed that this is the first time that a horse has been labeled as a racist by a major American university, although Mel Brooks did imply that a horse was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1974 movie Blazing Saddles.

Chancellor Robert Coombe noted in an email to students that, "Pioneer of the Nile would not become the mascot of the University of Denver because we simply cannot adopt an official mascot that has a divisive rather than unifying influence on our community."


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to mount Coombe

Anonymous said...

One of your finest posts...because i couldn't agree with you more. We were discussing this same topic in my diversity workshop.

dggoddard said...

Speaking of which, I hear the University of Denver will offer Diversity Workshops between periods of hockey games next season.

During timeouts fans will be able to text which workshop they want to participate in.

Many of the workshops will have a hockey theme, such as:

* Why does the home team always wear white?

* Why doesn't DU hockey recruit persons of color?

* Hockey is a symbol of white privilege.

* Does the "Hooking Penalty" disenfranchise prostitutes?

* How come the ice is white, but the puck is always black?

Aluuum said...

DG, your writing always entertains me but you topped yourself with this piece.I was alone when reading it but laughing out loud.
Humor is the best tool to use to illustrate the flaws in someones position.

dggoddard said...

Let's not forget that many Confederate Generals drank bourbon and what's the primary ingredient in a Mint Julip?

You guessed it. Bourbon.