Denver Post Previews DU Womens Golf Team

(above) DU's Golf Team will tee it up on Tuesday in the NCAA National Championships in Owings Mills, Md.

From: Denver Post
by Tom Kensler

Four rounds at this week's NCAA championship tournament in Owings Mills, Md., will determine whether the University of Denver women's golf team can improve upon its sixth-place finish of a year ago.

But DU coach Sammie Chergo is certain of one thing: Her team will compete as hard as any team out there in the tournament that begins Tuesday.

That's how Chergo coaches. That's who she recruits. DU's roster is filled with all-around athletes who have excelled at several sports and know what it takes to succeed.

"That's kind of become our 'brand,' " Chergo said. "Our top players are some of the most competitive kids that we've ever had. On days when they're not playing as well as they'd like to, they still have that competitive gear to switch to. They can turn their 'B' game into their 'A' game just because they're so competitive." [read rest of article]

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Would it be disrespectful to our champion ladies here to say that I wish it was I was that club she's gripping so tightly?