DU Recruit William Wrenn Profiled In HF

Hockey's Future spoke to University of Denver recruit William Wrenn at the U18 Championships. He had just found out he was invited to the NHL combine, which he was excited about. He also talked about the decision to go to DU and what he needs to work on.

Its a very good interview, so check it out.

Turns out that incoming recruit Adam Murray may be one of DU's best recruiters.


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly. Could this be the the most powerful team ever to be assembled at DU - EVER? When you look at the overall picture - literally, it's all here. If they stay fit, workout and listen to thier coaches, this group will be the most feared team in the NCAA!

Anonymous said...

So...he is a defensive d-man who screens the goalie on the power play??? Huh??

Was this chick saying that he plays down low on the PP, or clears out guys when the other team is on the PP.

I don't really get it. I just got back from happy hour, but she confused me on that one.

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of happy hour - and ditzy chicks - AND being a fan of the greatest college hockey program in the world...let's just let the stats do the talking come March 2010.... REMEMBER this post... Denver is KING this year.