LetsGoDU Website To Debut This Summer

(above) The LetsGoDU Website is under construction

The LetsGoDU Website is under construction. The site is being designed by a DU student and will contain a message board, stories, photos, links, player stats and interactive content.

The site will debut on July 1, 2009.


msbdu said...

Wow, looks great. It should be a great year, Boone is back, new website.

dggoddard said...

10 pregame BBQ's next season hosted by the DU Grilling Society

A bigger-better season ticket campout

The 60th Anniversary celebrations by the hockey alums.

Aluum predicting that DU is a "mortal lock" for the Frozen Four.

A couple of "white-outs" in the student section.

Should be an epic year.

achsdu17 said...

And Boone in the Student Section.

Anonymous said...

Currently in the process of talking to Angel Fields and the committee on making improvements to the "white-out". Will let you know once all it set.

dggoddard said...


I would say that the "White Out" was one of the highlights of the season.

Anonymous said...

i guarantee it will be bigger and better this year.

Amy said...

Everything looks and sounds great for next hockey season. :)

Anonymous said...

It SHORE does sound good so far don't it? Sing with me..."You gotta lose your mind in Detroit, RAKH city".

Chick Magness said...

Wow, this blog has really evolved over the past few years .... it is so impressive DG .... Boone, new website , school spirit on the rise ..... could another national championship be far behind ????
GO Pioneers Hockey .... Chick Magness and all the Class of 2008 family love it !!!