Colorado College Recruit Still Undecided

Not so fast '57 fans.

Colorado College's prize recruit, defenseman John Moore is still not 100% certain he is coming to the Springs next season, despite what the Springs fishwrap would have you believe. According to our friends at "Coming Down the Pipe," Moore has not made any kind of firm commitment to Colorado College nor to the Kitchener Rangers.

Sure he's signed a letter of intent to attend CC, but that only assures that he won't attend another NCAA school. It sounds like it will be a nervous summer for Scotty & the Merry Band of Chokers.

Earlier this week the Colorado Springs Gazette noted that Moore was definitely coming to Colorado College this Fall. Apparently the drama continues.
Defenseman John Moore, CC’s prized recruit and projected by many to be a first-round pick in the NHL draft later this month, has fielded plenty of calls from junior teams wanting his services. Once again, however, Moore expressed that he is definitely coming to CC in the fall.

“They’re calling my house, but I’m really happy with CC,” said Moore, who has maintained all year that he plans to attend college in the fall.

Moore said when he was at the NHL combine last week, teams told him how he could grow as a hockey player and a person at Colorado College. He said he likes the fact that he can get a great education while playing Division I hockey.

“To me, it’s kind of a no-brainer,” Moore said. “It’s the best of both worlds and I can’t wait to get out there.”


msbdu said...

Looks like our buddy Scotty O had better have a back up plan.

dggoddard said...

Maybe FedEx his resume over to UNO just in case.

Gandalf The Red said...

I'm picking CC to finish 9th in the WCHA next season, is that too high?

msbdu said...

Maybe along with his resume he ought to send a picture of all the banners that are displayed in the World Arena. On second thought, not a good idea since he has yet to win a national championship!

dggoddard said...

Finishing 9th would be an amazing fall from grace. CC has averaged 25+ wins a season over the past 15 years. I think they've only played one WCHA playoff series on the road during that span.

Gandalf The Red said...

I haven't looked that close at their roster, but they lost A LOT of talent, and I don't see them finishing ahead of DU, UW, NoDak, St. Cloud and minnesota. Duluth and UAA I'd pick ahead of them too.

I didn't think they were that good last season, and now they don't have a proven goalie, a weak blue line and a good chunk of their scoring punch is gone.

DG, are you going to feel bad when they are on the road in the 1st road?

dggoddard said...

It looks like its the end of a era for CC.

After being picked to win the WCHA last season and starting off 5-0-3, CC went 11-13-7 including a loss to the USNDT featuring Shore, Murray & Wrenn.

msbdu said...

Hey, I will never shed a tear for CC, never. Their "thug" minded fans sent me to the hospital after a game at the Broadmoor

dggoddard said...

Make that jack-booted thugs. :-)

Anonymous said...

So, if the ManChild does show up - let me guess... his jersey # is 57?
Nice recruiting effort, CC (which by the way aparantly you can't even do THAT right) - but you still suck! BOONE loves Tiger meat!!!

DJ Powers said...

While there is certainly no love lost for CC around these parts, losing potentially good future collegians to the CHL is very serious and alarming. And don't think that it can't possibly ever happen to DU someday because it can. No NCAA program is immune to it. The CHL has their own agenda and they could care less about which NCAA school the player that they're targeting goes to.

Most hockey writers, especially in college hockey, tend to track the number of collegians leaving early for the pros, but I've been tracking current and potential future collegians opting for the CHL route for the last several years and the numbers are quite disturbing. I began tracking player losses back to 2005 and since then the number of players that D-I is losing to the CHL has steadily increased. (If you want figures, I'll dig up my notes and post them at a later date).

What is perhaps striking about all of this is the fact that the reasons that D-I is losing players to the CHL vary considerably. What may surprise many of you is that isn't always the usual memorized commentary of getting to the NHL or having trouble getting into the school and/or through the NCAA Clearinghouse.

So in this particular instance, you all might want to use this as some food for thought because as I mentioned before, no D-I program is immune to this situation - and that includes DU.

Anonymous said...

Interesting info DJ. DU is a little too familiar with players opting for Juniors. Happened to a recruit last year, his name is escaping me, but he was Czech. TJ Fast and Keith Seabrook come to mind as well in recent memory. I'm sure there a other examples.