DU Roster Littered With NHL Draftees

DU's 2009-10 Roster will feature a program record 13 players that have been drafted by NHL teams. DU players have been drafted in every round of the NHL Draft.

The University of North Dakota will have 15 players on its Roster next season who have been drafted, but none in the 1st Round.
1st Round - Colborne (BOS)

2nd Round - Wrenn (SJS), Shore (FLA), Wiercioch (OTT)

3rd Round - Gifford (PIT)

4th Round - Donovan (NYI), Rakhshani (NYI)

5th Round - Lee (FLA)

6th Round - Ruegsegger (TOR)

7th Round - Glasser (EDM), Martin (ATL), Cheverie (FLA), Phillips (CHI)


Pioneers04 said...

Is Florida the new Islanders for DU?

dggoddard said...

Looks like it.

Saves money scouting three draftees in one arena.

Suze said...

And TWO of them are from Alaska. How many are from Colorado?

Anonymous said...

you've hit on a new nickname for magness: the Litter Box!

pessmisticfan said...

Phillips was 7th round

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up on Phillips. 7th Round it was. :-)

puck swami said...

Philips was a Chicago pick, not Florida.

dggoddard said...

Ouch. Zero for two today. Thanks for the heads up.