Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DU Alum Paul Stastny At USA Olympic Tryouts

(above) DU Alum Paul Stastny discusses passports, citizenship and language barriers at the USA Olympic Tryout Camp after practice


achsdu17 said...

Still one of my favorite players to ever wear the Crimson and Gold. Still my favorite player in the current NHL and 2nd favorite Avalanche player only behind Joe Sakic.

I hope me makes the team.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would not allow NHL players on the team. It was more exciting back in the 70's whaen "kids" made up our team

dggoddard said...

The World Junior Under-20 Tournament has now replaced the Olympics as the place to showcase college kids.

Lots of former WJT players are now turning up on the Olympic Rosters.