Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DU Clarion Has Details On Season Ticket Campout

(above) The DU Clarion student newspaper has full coverage of the Student Season Ticket Campout
“The class of 2013 wants to promote school spirit. We, as a group, feel that spirit is lacking and that’s why we decided to be first in line.”
- DU Freshman Natalie Margason
Hockey fans set up and slept in about 40 tents in front of the Ritchie Center box office to make sure they would be able to purchase tickets for the upcoming season before the tickets sold out.

A group of freshmen pitched the first tent Friday morning, more than 24 hours before the box office opened (read rest of article).

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Brandon said...

I'm glad to see DU students are trying to take hockey seriously. I'd like to see that student section full every game.