Stop Picking On Colorado College

Colorado Springs Gazette columnist Dave Ramsey writes this week about Colorado College coach Scott Owens.

He points to Scotty's past regular season successes and the players' performance in the classroom. But he also hints that CC alums aren't too thrilled about the direction the program is heading.


Trev said...

"I’ve talked with several CC teachers – including some who are uncomfortable with the very idea of Division I hockey – and they all applaud Owens genuine belief in the value of education."

I LOL'ed... and what was this crap about "All-Positive" week?? No wonder CC has people bailing the ship.

Anonymous said...

John Moore's not coming to CC is a huge loss. They most likely would have lost him for the WJ tournament but him signing pro so late in the recruitment process will definitely sting. His skating and passing seen both at the WJ tryouts and the Traverse City tourney would have made him a one and gone for sure. He has the size and might have been the top D in the WCHA this coming season.

dggoddard said...

Trev - Pompous CC professors are obviously part of the problem. :-)

Anon - As bad as losing Moore was, the potential defection of future NHL prospect recruits based on Moore's decision may be greater.

Trev said...

Unfortunately for DU players -- they do not get to have Prof. J.J. Johnston around to grill them about their performances for the first half and hour of the freshman Business Law class.

That guy kicked ass. :(