Monday, September 14, 2009

WCH Blog Picks North Dakota To Win WCHA

Western College Hockey Blog picked the University of North Dakota to win the WCHA this season.

1. North Dakota
2. Denver
3. Wisconsin
4. Minnesota
5. Minnesota-Duluth
6. St. Cloud
7. Colorado College
8. Minnesota State
9. Alaska-Anchorage
10. Michigan Tech

LetsGoDU WCHA SuperPoll®
1). Denver - DU should win in a cakewalk
2). North Dakota - Already in midseason form with three arrests over the summer
3). Wisconsin - 0-5-0 against DU and Patrick Wiercioch last season
4). St. Cloud State - Never won an NCAA playoff game
5). Minnesota - Time to start recruiting outside of Minnesota before things get any worse
6). Duluth - One trip to the NCAA's per decade is par for the course
7). Minnesota State - Will battle Bemidji next season for "Crappiest Team In Minnesota" title
8). UAA - 8th place would actually be their best finish this decade
9). Michigan Tech - If only every weekend was Winter Carnival
Last). Colorado College - What can we say say about CC that hasn't already been said by their recruits who didn't bother even showing up on campus?


msbdu said...

so when did the writer graduate from ND, or should I say when was he paroled on a work release program?

Dirty said...

While it is nice of you to do, I don't think UND should be credited with the shenanigans of their alums.

Anonymous said...

he also made his picks for player awards. Weircioch made first team and maiaini and Chevy made second.

I think we'll have a rookie on the all rookie team. I also believe we'll see another player or two on the 1st and second teams. Rock, Colborne, Ruegs...

Trev said...

Woooooo .... lets get the season rolling and prove this guy wrong!

Amy said...

So close but still so far away! Idk if I can wait to just get season tickets.

Anonymous said...

The DU-UND games are going to be won and lost by the coaches and captains. These are going to be high-intensity games, most likely riddled with penalties; and possibly suspensions in the aftermath. We'll see which team handles the situation right and which one falls victime to the heat of the moment.

du78 said...

Super Poll looks spot on :-)

vizoroo said...

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice the NoDak bias.

Rakhshani, Colborne, Donovan, Wrenn or Shore could deserve more props. Chevy over Eids as well.

Anonymous said...

OMG there was not a NOdak bias. *rolls eyes* what do you expect, half your team on the dude's pre-season all-wcha teams? not going to happen. the guy who does that blog doesn't even LIKE NoDak. It's one guys opinion, and not everyone is going to share the same thoughts. besides, i'm sure everyone else will pick DU on top, though it's just a preseason poll that has no meaning whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

chris from WCH blog is definitely NOT biased to UND...look at his previous posts, and they will show that he doesnt like UND and HATES the fans :)

It will be a toss up between UND and DU...both are serious contenders nationally this year.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Er... we had 2 trips in the same decade! And you ended the first!

Maize has the most jacked up bias one could ever have, which is a Mankato State bias.

I love enraged anonymous blog comments. I'm jealous of you, DG.

dggoddard said...

Duluth is one over par. Lets hope they don't double bogey in the upcoming decade. :-)