Chevy Injured In 4-3 Victory Over MSU-M

Earlier in the evening University of Denver goaltender Marc Cheverie broke the longest consecutive shutout streak in DU history. Two periods later is was severely injured on a cut to his calf by an opponents skate.

Cheverie was taken to a nearby hospital where the cut and injury will be assessed by the doctors. The cut was described as deep. Coach Gwozdecky said the injury will be at least a couple of weeks.

DU won the game with two third period goals immediately after Cheverie's injury. Goaltender Adam Murray came in and earned the victory.
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dggoddard said...

Too early to tell the severity of Chevy's injury. Obviously one thinks back to Brock Trotter's season ending injury to a skate cut in Grand Forks in 2005.

Best wishes to Cheverie and here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

du78 said...

Gwoz said the cut was deep and went onto the muscle. No bone or nerve damage and didn't hit an artery. It will take a couple of weeks to heal.

Get well soon, Chevy!!!

dggoddard said...

Glasser, Martin & Salazar were all +3 tonight. That looks like a great line. Obviously MSU has no answer for their speed.

Twister said...

Best wishes to Chevy for a speedy recovery. Thankfully it doesn't sound horrible. I about soiled my trousers seeing him lying face down on the ice in obvious pain. Hopefully he's back for the series with North Dakota.

Good character win for DU tonight. MSU impressed me--they were fast, physical, and at times had a very effective forecheck that seemed to neutralize DU's speed and transition game. That game was tough and hard fought. Glad to see Glasser get a goal. He threw his weight around tonight as well.

I wonder if Brookwell has lost his spot? He seems to be the odd man out right now, with DU's young d-men getting better each weekend.

Now we get to see what Murray is made of.

Anonymous said...

I think I speak for the entire student section when I say the following:

I want to see Vossberg, Dewhurst, Gifford, Brookwell, and Ryder on the ice at the very end of the game. I want them to brawl. I want blood for blood. I want MSU to have the living shit beat out of them for taking down Chevy, accident or not.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:43, a few things wrong with your proposition:

For one, 8 seconds left on the clock, faceoff in your own zone, one goal game, unproven goaltender between the pipes: you don't go for blood. That's hockey 101. BTW, congrats to Murray on his first official W, but we'll see how he does tomorrow.

Secondly, there's no reason for that in that situation. From your end, you might not have been able to see the play that caused the injury, but let me assure you he was taken down, hence the penalty. Things like this happen in hockey. To send the big boys out at the end to crack some skulls is classless in this situation. Had it been a 3-goal game and the player gone in with his skates high clearly trying to injure Chevy then by all means, next shift retaliate. But the fact of the matter remains the player was not trying to injure Chevy and it was a 2-2 game at that point. Its not worth losing players to suspensions. We're still trying to win a hockey game, not settle scores.

Can't wait til Chevy gets back in there, and hope for a speedy recovery!!

Time for Murray to step it up.

T said...

Anon 12:43 -

I'm sure you don't speak for the ENTIRE student section, but I am sure you speak for most of the classless, clueless, wanna be hockey fans that sit at that end. I am impressed though that you were paying enough attention to even see that happen.

That is a huge insult to the DU Hockey program to even suggest something like that. Gwozdecky has always run, and always will run, the most classy program in the NCAA. You don't get 501 wins acting like a jackass and allowing stupid antics.

Chevy - Get well soon
Murray - I look forward to seeing what you're made of!


Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:43:

The DU hockey team should be kicking YOUR ass for saying something so stupid.

Twister said...

Retaliation shouldn't be in the minds of any DU players or fans. MSU played a hard, very clean game. What happened to Chevy appeared to be a complete freak accident. If you saw the MSU bench during the accident time-out there were a lot of concerned players. The coaches clapped and the players gave Chevy a stick-tap send-off. From what I saw, the Mavericks play the game the right way and handle themselves with class.

LetsGoMavs said...

I'm very impressed with everyone's comments to Anon at 12:43 and how this blog is handling this incident. It's nice to see people realize it was a freak accident and that there should not be retaliation for it. I think the players and Gwoz realize that too because nothing was done and Gwoz didn't argue the penalty. It's too bad it happened, but like someone said, it happened.

Way to be classy DU fans! :)

Also, obviously the MSU bench knew how serious it was an wanted to help. That was evident by our trainer running out there to help.

puck swami said...


I understand your passion as a student, and when your classmate is lying on the ice bleeding, it's easy (and human nature) to want revenge.

That said, hockey is a dangerous game and that is part of its appeal. Jokinen was just doing his job and playing hard - in fact, it was Weircioch who got the penalty on the play for tying up Jokinen,

MSUM played a hard and clean game, and are not to be faulted for what happened to Chevy - it was an accident, pure and simple - with no intent to injure.

I hope you and your fellow students will focus your energy on cheering for the team, and I know that the players will be properly focused on winning the game and not brawling,

Anonymous said...

I think the Mavericks are a good team and contribute to a good hockey game. It's nice to see two teams just go out there and play hockey with out all of the hype and unnecessary brutality. Looking forward to tonight and next year when the Mavs come back

(and they are not speaking for the ENTIRE student section because i think most of us were more concerned with cheverie's recovery)

Andrew said...
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