OSU 4 - Denver 0 FINAL

Not much went right for the Pioneers on Friday night in Nationwide Arena. Ohio State scored early and often. DU was never able to mount much effective offensive pressure.

Joe Colborne injured his finger and missed most of the third period.
Box Score

LetsGoDU.com game recap

DU's Lineup
Maiani - Ruegsegger - Martin
Rakhshani - Colborne - Salazar
K. Ostrow - Shore - Gifford
Glasser - Vossberg - S. Ostrow

Ryder - Lee
Phillips - Brookwell
Wiercioch - Nutini



Highway 2 and 35 said...

It's obvious DU pulled an Alaska-Anchorage type night in Ohio, aka UAA partying in Denver. I can't think of any other reason for the shutout. I hope they had fun and made it worth their time.

Twister said...

Piss poor. An awful game. It didn't sound like growing pains out there, just crap. It's time for DU to tear up all the press clippings about being the WCHA favorite, #1 team in the country etc.

After 4 games there are a lot of questions, and certainly Murray is not playing like an elite recruit. Lots to work on and improve before league play starts next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems the number one ranking was taken quite a bit too serious by the team. Its one thing for fans to be excited by it, but come one guys, you need to show up. Realistically, after splitting with a good UVM team and a bad OSU team, we should be somewhere in the top 20, thats it. Good news, is rankings this time of the year mean nothing. Plenty of time to get our sh&# together, if not than this will be a waste of a lot of talent

Anonymous said...

oh, and by plenty of time to get out "act" together (my last post, rephrasing for general audience), I mean, one weak until we play the gophers. Time for gwoz to kick some butt, not his stile maybe, but a team of Prima Donnas won' cut it

achsdu17 said...

Ahh... Murray, I'm starting to face palm every time I hear his name.

dggoddard said...

DU's Schedule Until XMAS
10/23 @ Minnesota
10/24 @ Minnesota
10/30 Minnesota State (Homecoming)
10/31 Minnesota State (Homecoming)
11/6 @ Alaska-Anchorage
11/7 @ Alaska-Anchorage
11/20 North Dakota
11/21 North Dakota
11/27 St. Cloud
11/28 St. Cloud
12/4 @ Colorado College
12/5 Colorado College
12/11 @ Minnesota Duluth
12/12@ Minnesota Duluth

The schedule sets up nicely for DU in the next few weeks.

DU needs to continue to work on the defensive problems. I think laying this all at the feet of Murray is a bit extreme. The entire team is playing like crap.

If Chevy has a strong game on Friday night, don't be surprised if he gets the nod on Saturday against the Gophers. Sweeps in Mariucci are rare and if Gwoz gets a chance to get one, he'll probably go for it.

That doesn't mean the rotation would be over, MSU & UAA would be next up and Murray would probably be back between the pipes in the Saturday games.

That being said, Murray isn't going to see more action if the 83% save percentage doesn't rise ASAP.

msbdu said...

How long can Gwoz stay with platooning Chevy and Murray. What is up with this team. Only 2 goals this weekend, did the offense not travel to Columbus?

Gwoz needs to kick some butt this week and take the newspapers away from the team

Anonymous said...

Defense wins chamionships......4-0, sounds like another score last night....:)

Anonymous said...

DG, I agree we can't put all this on Murray, this sounds like a complete (lack of) team effort last night. But he does need to improve.

As far as the schedule setting up nice, its true only if we beat the teams that "we should", we can't split with Minn St or Alaska. I doubt OSU is any better than these two. We better be 5-1 in conference before NoDak, then a real challenging stretch begins

achsdu17 said...

I'm not going to blame it all on Murray, but 9 goals in two games, a weak glove hand, no real sign of improvement... he has to step his game up.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the lineup for friday's game? did ryder and nutini play or the freshman?

Anonymous said...

nevermind found it

Goon said...

I was puzzled by the score and thought it was a miss print with all of the good offensive players that DU has. It will be fun watching DU take apart the Gophers this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That little ice rink/shots/goals graphic is kind of neat....

Anonymous said...

I think you should put Chev-Dawg?......hehehhe....back in net. That will really help matters.