Monday, November 16, 2009

100 FREE Student Tix for Saturday Night

So for some odd reason ($$$), the University of Denver did not include this weekend's huge rivalry games against the University of North Dakota in the Student Season Ticket Package.

The Crimson Creatures student organization ponied up $500 to give away 100 FREE Tickets for Saturday night. The first 100 students who arrive at the Ritchie Center Box Office starting at Noon MST Monday will get the FREE tickets! Students will still be able to purchase $5 tix to Friday & Saturday's games until Thursday at 5 PM.

DU is hosting Fall Quarter Finals this weekend.


DenverGoldJersey said...

I need to buy more damn tickets?
I would have just shown up

puck swami said...

Good move. The school should have done this without prompting from the kids.

The extra $100,000 - $115,000 or so that DU makes each year from selling student tickets at full price while the kids on on break probably looks good on the bottom line, according to the accountants.

However, I would imagine that DU's record in those games is not as good as it is when the kids are in the building, and the correspoding performance drop leads to more losses, less season ticket renewals and a decline in game atmosphere, which affects the program far more than the extra $100,000. Give the games back to the students.

puck swami said...


My $100K estimate is based on eight games not included in the stduent package x 700 student tickets x $20 avg ticket price that they sell those same seats to the general public. Some tickets sell for more, some less, but I imagine that it nets out in this neighboorhood...

Anonymous said...

The reason DU did not include the UND games in the season ticket package is because they technically do not occur "during the academic calendar." Finals are technically seen as separate, so the cutoff for "included" games would be this coming Thursday.

Not saying this is in any way, shape, or form appropriate, but it's the explanation for it at least.

Trev said...

Ahhh the "brains" at DU strike again.

achsdu17 said...

Who ever schedules the games needs a good back hand to the face, ring finger side. It's stupid in the first place to have these rivalry games when the students are away. These are their games and if you want to promote school spirit so much you need to have the students support for the games that really matter.

SIOUX 7 said...

Not to stick my nose to far into DU's business, but.

Most of the other teams in the WCHA don't have semester break until around Dec. 22 and runs through roughly Jan. 3.

You might want to consider this as well, DU probably didn't want to have UND playing them over a break.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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dggoddard said...

DU is on the "Quarter System" instead of Semesters. There is no school between Thanksgiving & New Years.

In the past this has been great for the hockey program because they have gone on long road trips back East, to Alaska or played WCHA road games without missing any school work. Plus the team can workout and just focus on hockey without distractions.

However in recent years the Athletic Department has scheduled key marquee matchups over the break to maximize revenue.

puck swami said...


I agree with you that the rivaly games should be for the students.

However, I understand DU's viewpoint that t they'd rather have the extra money from selling student seats to regular fans and play some key home games when the team is undistracted with school.

In the future, I'd like to see a compromise - play CC, Minn, Wis and UND when the students are in session. Play MSUM, SCSU, UAA, BSU and MTU on breaks where possible.

SIOUX 7 said...

That is a long break - Thanksgiving through New Years.
How early do they start the summer/fall quarter and when do they end the school year, June???

I'm suprised, quarter system. Since they are a private school, they don't have to change to semesters to comform with State Board policies...

With all that time off, they shouldn't have any excuses for losing games during that month :)