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Monday, February 04, 2013

DU Students Create Retro DU-CC Rivalry Shirts

(above) Front & back of Magness Maniacs T-Shirts
This weekend DU students will be sporting retro "White Out" T-shirts.  The image design was originally featured on T-shirts & Sweatshirts worn in the student section by the 1980's Bleacher Creatures in the old DU Ice Arena.  

Two hundred shirts were produced and will be available starting today.  Students will be selling the shirts around campus this week.

If any shirts remain unsold, they will be available outside Magness Arena at the DU Grilling Society pregame BBQ.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Vote For DU's Basketball Student Section Online

The University of Denver is up for Naismith Student Section of the Year and they need your votes to help them get to the next round! 

At last check, DU was ranked No. 47 in the nation in the voting but need to move within the Top 25 to advance to the next round. Denver is behind Utah State among WAC schools
Let’s show the nation that DU has one of the best student-sections around.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DU Student Ticket Campout Is This Weekend

(above) DU students buying tickets last year
The annual University of Denver Student Hockey Season Ticket Campout is this weekend. Student tickets go on sale at 8 AM on Saturday morning.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video: DU Student Section "Believes"

LetsGoDU gives you an exclusive look from achsdu17's handicam in the DU student section on Saturday night.

Dubbie31 gets the students going with, "I .... I believe .... I believe that .... I believe that CC .... I believe that CC sucks [Jump up and down until tired].

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DU Uses Magness Mojo To Crush Tigers

(above) Mega Boone was busy in the 2nd Period
photo credit: Andrew Fielding/

The University of Denver hockey team served notice that the recent scoring woes experienced in recent weeks without star winger Beau Bennett was in the rear view mirror. DU exploded for five goals in less than half a game and then hung on for dear life to record a dramatic 5-4 victory over Colorado College.

Magness Arena was rocking from the get-go thanks to a energized student section and pep band that kept things lively while DU's lead was under siege in the third period.  

A lobster was tossed on the ice in the third period after CC's fourth goal.  Not sure if crustacean escaped from the DU locker room after the recent trip to Boston or if the Crimson Club is now serving four-star meals with white table cloth service.  Either way, the DU maintenance staff was called in to remove the anthropod.

Photos: Students Celebrate Gold Pan Tune-Up Win

(above) Boone was a big hit at Boone's Tavern in the afternoon
(above) DUGS served the traditional Surf & Turf
(above) The DU Undergrad Student Government handed out FREE Boone shirts
(above) The goals came early and often in the 2nd Period
(above) Its going to be a good night

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"White-Out" Saturday Night Against CC

ATTN: DU FANS .... Wear WHITE On Saturday Night .... Congrats To DU Men's & Women's Baskeball for opening night wins .... Be LOUD Tonight .... LetsGoDU Pre-game Party At Boone's Tavern On Saturday 2:30-5 PM .... Pioneer Pregame BBQ @ 5-7 PM Magness South Entrance .... Go DU

(above) Everybody is wearing white

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photos: DU Student Section Rules Madness Arena

(above) Welcome to Madness Arena
(above) PioNation bringing Swagger to college hockey
(above) Ten goal games are lots of fun in the student section
(above) D-Rah
(above) Mega-Boone floats above the student section

Monday, November 08, 2010

More Photos From Friday Night At Magness

(above) You know its going to be a good night when even the referees are mocking the fact that Colorado College hasn't won a National Championship in ice hockey since 19Fifty-Seven

(above) PETA isn't going to like this photo

(above) Miller Baird [DU '71] and his wife Debbie purchased and designed Jesse's banner, collected signatures at five different locations around Magness Arena and cheered on the Pioneers all night. Miller & Debbie are our choice for President and First Lady of Pioneer Nation.

(above) DU Law Professor Tom Russell and his son sign a Jesse Martin "Get Well Card" organized by Denver Radio Station 87.7 "The Ticket." Earlier this year Russell was honored by CNN on a list of "Intriguing People" along with Nelson Mandella and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Photos Of DU's "White Out" Against CC

(above) How many puppies have to die before everybody says "enough is enough"

(above) DU is 29-0-0 when Frank The Tank Brings his "A-Game"

(above) Putting a beatdown on Colorado College is great for school spirit

(above) Many, many contraband Boone shirts in Magness on Friday night and no two shirts were the same...hmmm

(above) Jesse Martin was on everyone's mind...literally

(above) The signs and banners were out in force in Magness Arena

(above) Our future Pioneers

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

DU Game On Friday Night Is A "White Out"

This year's "White Out" shirt design is called "Pioneer Nation"

(above) The Student White Out has become a Magness tradition at games against Colorado College

For the third consecutive year DU students entering Magness Arena will be given free "White Out" shirts. Once again students will be able to write slogans on the back of the shirts.

The White Out is organized annually by the DU Student Spirit Committee and funded by the DU Athletic Department. The Athletic Department and Spirit Team work in conjunction to promote DU sporting events to students.

DU Senior Vinnie Girardi calls this year's shirt design his favorite so far. Girardi was instrumental in starting the "White Out" tradition three years ago.

DU students, fans and alumni are encouraged to wear white on Friday to show support for the Pioneers.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DU Fans Give Wisconsin Showboat The Business

(above) Surprised nobody mentioned this classic photo last week in the Denver Post photo montage [click on photo to enlarge]

Monday, March 08, 2010

2010 Magness White-Out Slideshow (updated)

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(above) Updated Slideshow from Friday Night's White-Out including Stastny video

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Colorado College Road Trip Photos

(above) Pregaming at Outback

(above) Even we had to admit this was pretty cute

(above) Ouch!

(above) DU students enjoy "The Slaughter In The Springs"

(above) Next Road Trip - Detroit

(above) Rhett Rakhshani's Dad took a photo of me taking a photo of him

(above) How sweet it is

(above) DU students were still jacked up after the game on the bus ride home