Students "Go Western" For Friday's UND Game


old pio said...

This sounds like fun. But wait, didn't cowboys abuse animals with brands? Didn't they specifically abuse horses by making the animals actually carry them around from place to play (or pull buck boards)? Didn't they abuse their women folk? Didn't they abuse Native Americans? Didn't they implicitly advocate violence by wearing "assault" weapons? Didn't they ignore the health consequences of excessive drinking and tobacco chewing? Didn't they support prostitution in saloons? Didn't they advance the terrible costs to society of gambling? I'm "shocked. . .shocked" that the ever vigilant PC poobahs at DU are going to permit this carnival of bad attitudes to be on display on national TV. Meanwhile, poor Boone is "unofficial" . . .because he "represents" all of the attitudes I mentioned. But then, why should moralizing pecksniffs ever be consistent?

I hope the kids have a great time and that the Pioneers kick a little Sioux ass (am I allowed to say that?).

dggoddard said...

No one said the "ever vigilant DU/PC poobahs" approved this event.

What they like to do is sit on the sidelines and then when someone commits a faux paus they invite the media and make the offending group apologize on the Driscoll Lawn.

You just know that some Freshman is going to come dressed a Sioux and it will cause a PC riot.