DU Game On Friday Night Is A "White Out"

This year's "White Out" shirt design is called "Pioneer Nation"

(above) The Student White Out has become a Magness tradition at games against Colorado College

For the third consecutive year DU students entering Magness Arena will be given free "White Out" shirts. Once again students will be able to write slogans on the back of the shirts.

The White Out is organized annually by the DU Student Spirit Committee and funded by the DU Athletic Department. The Athletic Department and Spirit Team work in conjunction to promote DU sporting events to students.

DU Senior Vinnie Girardi calls this year's shirt design his favorite so far. Girardi was instrumental in starting the "White Out" tradition three years ago.

DU students, fans and alumni are encouraged to wear white on Friday to show support for the Pioneers.


dusince59 said...

Sure wish the general public could get these shirts.

Anonymous said...

Hard to get fired up with Martin out of the lineup. Oh sure CC Sucks but Jesse’s situation sort of puts a pall over this weekend. Hope the team doesn’t come out flat. Hate to say it but I predict a CC sweep this weekend.

dggoddard said...

Bribe some student $20. Somebody must need date money this weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

DU will not come out flat, they will come out inspired and dedicate this weekend for that matter the rest of the season to Jesse. I predict a DU sweep this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I take it that CC is going to recognize and honor Jesse Martin this weekend. The t-shirts seem petty and inappropriate in that light. At the very least postpone this event to the end of the season when CC and DU meet again.

dggoddard said...

Coach Gwozdecky said in the Press Conference that its time to move on. Jesse still remains in the forefront of everyone's mind, but DU has 25 other guys that need coaching and support.

I don't know Jesse and I'm not going to pretend to speak for him, but you'd be crazy if you think that he doesn't want DU to sweep CC this weekend.

DU is shorthanded with injuries, so a pumped up crowd on Friday night could be the difference.

Anonymous said...

There is a time for t-shirts bashing the opponent. There is a time to wear a toga to the game. There is even a time to unfurl a banner teasing the opposing team. Friday is not a night for t-shirts bashing fans from the other team that are honoring our fallen warrior. Friday is a time to proudly wear our DU colors. To cheer on OUR team. DG, put aside the t-shirt, strip a king size bed of its sheet and lead the cheer.

dggoddard said...

Many students have emailed me this week and everyone of them has asked about or expressed concern about Jesse Martin.

There is a saying in show business, "The show must go on." The head coach has said words to that effect, and I agree.

The DU Spirit Committee is giving the alumni a "Pioneer Nation" T-Shirt to send to Jesse along with the banner.

In light of the injury, LetsGoDU has changed the way it typically builds up the CC series.

There are serious issues about player safety, WCHA punishment, equipment issues and new rules that need to be discussed, but now is not the time nor the place.

So we all move forward cautiously and with trepidation hoping to do the right thing by Jesse and for the DU hockey program. To me the timing is perfect for the "White Out."

If you don't agree, that is your prerogative and it is duly noted. You may well be right.

What we won't be seeing is me in a toga. I've retired. Its time for a younger, healthier better looking alum or student to lead the cheers.

Anonymous said...

Student tickets have sold out already.

puck swami said...

Here are my thoughts on the extreme need for DU spirit and togetherness this weekend....