Boone Attends Mascot Boot Camp

(above) Boone at Philadelphia International Airport

(above) Boone training with the other mascots at Boot Camp

For the second time in three years a University of Denver student attended Dave Raymond's Mascot Boot Camp. This year the camp was held on the campus of the University of Delaware.

Boone wrote LetsGoDU the following letter.
Hey Pioneer Nation,


I had a great time at Dave Raymond’s Mascot Boot Camp at the University of Delaware. Everyone in Newark, Delaware loved me! Don’t be surprised if you hear Newark, Delaware changes its name to Boonetown sometime soon.

Boot Camp was great! I made a lot of new friends. The other campers were the University of Delaware’s own YoUDee and Baby Blue, Lighthouse Pete the Pirate from Delaware’s Cape May-Lewes Ferry, and Louie P. Bear from Lewes, Delaware’s Special Olympics polar bear plunge. And of course, we can’t forget our drill sergeant, the renowned Phillie Phanatic!

We reported to the Fred Rust Ice Arena at around 0800 hours every morning for camp. We started each day off with stretching and then we got down to business!

Every day consisted of strength training and working out, dance lessons, acting lessons, and event appearances. I’d like to thank everyone who made my trip possible. I had a great time and learned a lot, and I can’t wait to try out what I learned when we cheer on our DU Pioneers!

Finally, I’d like to wish Jesse Martin a speedy recovery and send my thoughts and prayers to him and his family. We’re all behind you, #14!


Yours truly,
Flying First Class,
Denver Boone


puck swami said...

Well done, DG.

This mascot camp tradition is a great elevation of the mascot's skills, and makes the Boone so much better for having attended.

People don't realize that there is a whole lot of thinking that goes into how a Mascot behaves in character. How they walk, how they deal with scared little kids and bratty older ones, how to fire up a crowd or engage with other mascots, etc.

DU should be thankful that our mascots are well trained entertainers - and not just a person in a cartoon suit.

dggoddard said...

Many people deserve thanks for getting Boone to this point.

Obviously making the transition to two new student performers this season is a tremendous relief.

I have no doubt that Boone will reach new and uncharted waters this season.