Colorado College Road Trip Photos

(above) Pregaming at Outback

(above) Even we had to admit this was pretty cute

(above) Ouch!

(above) DU students enjoy "The Slaughter In The Springs"

(above) Next Road Trip - Detroit

(above) Rhett Rakhshani's Dad took a photo of me taking a photo of him

(above) How sweet it is

(above) DU students were still jacked up after the game on the bus ride home


Coach said...

Best. Student section. Ever. At the World Arena. You guys were great!

Best cheer of the night (with 10 minutes left): Beat the traf-fic, Beat the traf-fic!

Honorable mention (before the game, with 3 Zambonis running): Car-bon foot-print, Car-bon foot-print!

Amy said...

More pics on the way. Emailing them to you right now DG.

Anonymous said...

looks packed

Anonymous said...

More chins than Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

No time for dieting. He's on a steady diet of tigers, gophers, land cows, seawolves, Sioux and multiple varieties of dog. He makes Anthony Bourdain look like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Something tells me we'll have to dine on a bird to get the national championship, so make sure Boone is keeping his aim sharp.