DU 7 - Colorado College 3 FINAL

(above) Kyle Ostrow's two goals led the Pioneers

(above) Some prankster posted pictures of DU's seven National Championship teams next to CC's 1957 National Championship Trophy

The schedule may have said that the University of Denver hockey team was playing on the road on Saturday night, but the Denver fans turned out in force and the game felt like a home game. Led by a busload of DU students the Pioneer contingent numbered between 300-400 strong.

The DU team responded with one of their best performances of the season in a lopsided 7-3 victory. The game wasn't that close. It was a throttling.

The Maiani-Martin-Ostrow line was +3 for the evening led by Kyle Ostrow's two goals.

With the victory, DU secured the Gold Pan for the first time since the 2005 National Championship season.

DU is also back on top of the Pairwise Rankings by the slimmest of margins over Miami.
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Anonymous said...

3:27 of the 3rd, clearly heard a "57" chant on FSN. It was awesome.

dggoddard said...

Oh yeah the students had fun. Some of the best cheers.

CC had three Zamboni's cleaning the ice before the game. The student chanted "Carbon Footprint" at the egregious waste of energy.

Colorado College honored their Seniors. The DU students booed them lustily. I know that's kind of like booing Christmas, but was funny.

They sang "Fairest Of Colleges" at least 10 times. After each goal and the end of the periods. The two CC goaltenders probably know the words by now.

"57" chants rang out early and often. DU fans had "57" signs scattered around the arena.

Boone shirts were all over the place. No two shirts were the same, so people must be making them.

The entire section 215 were 100% DU fans.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


At the bottom of the article, author makes a reference to Colborne. Just wanted to share.

Coach said...

The section next to ours was like a funeral. The DU fight song was sung so often, that I saw a young girl with a CC shirt mouthing the words as the students sang after the 7th goal. She had learned the words just from being nearby.

Anonymous said...

This experience was like the first time I heard the Beatles.

Amy said...

Great game played by Denver! Great Student Section! GREAT EVERYTHING! Now we just have to lose the Gold Pan in Canada again.

achsdu17 said...

I've seen a lot of things but this is the first time I seen us blow out CC in their building.

The DU Student Section was fantastic before the game even started. Booing senior night, drowning out the National Anthem *which BTW I hope carries over at home*, to all the little songs, chants, everything to quiet that building and help our guys win. Also the players did hear us. They wanted you to all know that they were just as stoked about having us there, as much as they enjoyed blowing them out. Great Job to the true faithful DU fans.

The gold pan is where it belongs again... now lets lose it again!

It's great to finally put CC down after so long. Hopefully this gives the team the confidence boost we need to be the team we need to be in the National Tournament.

Anonymous said...

Don't let your emotions infiltrate reality. I agree, it was a fantastic win and a fantastic way to end the season and awesome to be able to correct the weekend..... but I'm still not seeing 3, 20-minute complete efforts by this team. And right now that scares me, knowing what seas we're heading towards after next weekend. Both nights, CC had a distinct forecheck pattern going on that Denver couldn't figure out for most of each game. GO DU - CC SUX

Anonymous said...

The dude in the 57 jersey needs a diet.