Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hits CO. Jr. Team

(above) Carbon monoxide can build up in poorly ventilated hockey rinks from Zamboni machines leading to poisoning or long term lung problems like Asthma. Zamboni machines that run on either propane or natural gas emit carbon monoxide.

From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

Fifteen members of the teenage Colorado Thunderbirds triple-A midget-minor hockey team were hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday while playing in a tournament in suburban Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the poisoning occurred in a hockey rink near Glen Ellyn.

"We had 13 kids in the hospital, plus my manager and myself," Thunderbirds coach Angelo Ricci said. "We played our first game (Saturday) and kids were feeling pretty bad and we didn't know what was going on.

Minnesota, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the only states with laws regulating air quality at indoor ice rinks. (read rest of article)


dggoddard said...

According to ESPN E:60

"In the past six months, nearly 200 people have been sickened by carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide or ultrafine particles emitted from poorly maintained Zamboni machines at indoor ice arenas.

"E:60" conducted its own series of tests at 34 rinks in 14 states. Of the 28 rinks that used propane or natural gas resurfacers, nearly one-third were found to have dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide or ultrafine particles."

Al Gore said...

LetsGoDU is leading the charge for a "Green Revolution" in the ice resurfacing industry!

I salute you!

Anonymous said...

That's it. Carbon Monoxide poisoning Saturday night in Anchorage. Wow, this has to be fixed!!!

Anonymous said...

I grew up playing at that rink! Total dump, but it had character, and I loved playing there. Word on the street is that it was a result of the buses parked but still running next to the intake vent all weekend. That's just what someone who said they were at the tourney claimed on an illinois hockey message board though, so it's probably just opinion.

Either way, big hit to youth hockey. At these prices, hockey needs no bad publicity to deter potential players and parents.

Anonymous said...

Electric Resurfacers are all the rage. If you've ever seen one where the electrical cord runs on a tether along track overhead... those are pretty wild. The machine has to travel at a pre-determined path. They're kind of un-nerving in a building with a low ceiling.