Denver Post: DU Has Room For Improvement

(above) The Wisconsin Badgers will provide a stern test for the Pioneers this weekend

From Denver Post

by Mike Chambers

As college hockey's top-ranked team and a legitimate favorite to win the national title, the University of Denver sure has plenty of statistical pimples.

Rated 24th nationally in scoring and 17th in defense, the Pioneers have occasionally been accused of not playing up to their potential.

Perhaps that's a product of beginning the season No. 1 and playing the country's second- most-difficult schedule. But in any case, it's a good problem to have when you're No. 1 with room to improve (read rest of article).


puck swami said...

Chambers is 100% correct, and echoes similar statistics that I've been posting for a while.

Right now, DU's statistics are above average with a great goalie, which is the reason they are where they are. If the goaltending stays great, and DU can start scoring more, I think DU can be go from a white-knuckle-finish-every-game team to a more dominating type of team.

vizoroo said...

Sure could use a few DU victories without the white knuckles.

Anonymous said...

DU's got to get off to a faster start. So often this year they've been sleepwalking through the first period, then have to struggle to come from behind. The game starts when the puck drops, not after the first intermission.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "Perfect Storm " label was a bit premature.

achsdu17 said...

This was a bitter/sweet tie tonight. I thought DU deserved to lose this game on the fact that we blew a 2 goal lead and plane and simple I thought Wisconsin outplayed us for most of the game. What's at least good about it is that we tied it up late and I do feel we stole a point we didn't deserve. Let's just hope DU puts out a much better effort tomorrow.