Video Clip: Bozak's First NHL Goal Is Incredible

(above) DU Alum Tyler Bozak's first NHL goal was sick

From: Toronto Star
by Paul Hunter

Tyler Bozak's first NHL goal is one he won't have to exaggerate in the re-telling. It was a beauty when it happened and will remain that way whenever he busts out the video for future generations of little Bozaks.

In his third NHL game, Bozak swept in off the wing, tucked the puck between the legs of Flyers defenceman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen with a now-you-see-it-now-you-don't deke and then roofed it from in close. That it stood up as the winner in an impressive 4-0 victory over the dreaded Flyers Thursday, well, the script doesn't get much better.

"What a goal," praised linemate Phil Kessel. "Highlight of the night probably. It's got to be."

It was the kind of night, one that included four pretty goals and strong efforts the Leafs' kiddie corps to lighten the mood around a team that had been staggered by four consecutive losses.

Bozak, a rookie free agent signed out of the University of Denver, revelled in being at the receiving end of some verbal jabs.

"The guys were joking with me saying I won't have to lie to my kids and when I'm a grandparent, I won't have to lie about my first goal. It's nice to get a nice one like that," the smiling freshman said.

And, based on the way the 23-year-old skittered around the ice, this is just the beginning of what could become a rather lengthy big-league highlight reel.

Bozak picked up a goal and an assist and maybe - we tend to get ahead of ourselves here in Toronto - showed himself to be the centre that can match skills and speed with flashy Phil Kessel.

Kessel didn't find the back of the net, although he did pick up a couple of assists, but Bozak fed him enough nifty passes that he easily could have busted out of a slump that has him stuck at one goal in the last 14 games.

"It's a high level of skill and a high of level of hockey sense that matches together," coach Ron Wilson said of the Bozak-Kessel pairing.

"(Bozak) is just as fast as Phil and that helps. He makes smart plays around the net because of his quickness. I don't think Phil understands yet how quick the kid can deliver can the puck. When Phil figures that out, he's going to start to score on the line."

Nikolai Kulemin, the left winger on the new No. 1 unit, put together when Bozak was promoted from the Marlies two games ago, scored another of Toronto's goals on a perfectly executed 2-on-1 with Kessel.

Sixteen of Bozak's 20 points with the Marlies were assists and his pass-first mentality should allow Kessel to start sniping again.

"I usually like to play with the guys that have got the big shots and the guys that can score and just try to get them the puck as much as possible," Bozak said.


Anonymous said...

My first reaction upon getting to the end of the video...

"He did f**king WHAT?!"

Incredible move, hell of a way to get your first NHL goal Ty Bo!

puck swami said...

And those are the Philadelphia TV commentators, too.

What a great way for Bozak to let the NHL know that's he's here and intending to stay.

What a great clip to show his grandkids some day.

vizoroo said...

#3 on ESPN's Top Ten Plays of the Day.

Great way to start a NHL career.

Anonymous said...


Sweet. I love the crowds's reaction in between the time that he pulls the move, and the time that he scores. A collective "ohhhh!"

Twister said...

Sweet goal!! I'm sure the first of many to come.

Aluuum said...

Safe bet that today everyone in toronto is talking about that goal.