DU 3 MN 1 Final

(above) Boone even made it into the Denver Post today

DU and Minnesota were scoreless through 2 periods & goalie Marc Cheverie appeared to be well on his way to a 4th a straight shutout against the Gophers. But a flurry of goals in the third period dashed his amazing record against the Gophers.

Tyler Ruegsegger put DU on the board at the 55 second mark of the 3rd period with assists from John Lee and Marc Cheverie. He went coast-to-coast, deked goalie Alex Kangas and slipped the puck past him.

At the 11:37 mark of the period Joe Colborne gave DU a 2-0 lead on wrist shot from the slot on a nice pass from behind the net by Rhett Rakhshani. Tyler Rugsegger also got an assist on the play.

Minnesota finally got on the board and broke Marc Cheverie's scoreless streak at the 18:22 mark of the period with the extra attacker on the ice. Patrick White scored the goal with assists to Cade Fairchild and Mike Carman. Just 17 seconds later Rhett Rakhshani did a spin-o-rama move in front of the Gopher net and shot one between Kangas' legs for the final goal of the game.

First Star: Marc Cheverie (Denver)
Second Star: Tyler Ruegsegger (Denver)
Third Star: Joe Colborne (Denver)


vizoroo said...

Chevy ties Murray for points by a DU goalie this season---1

Anonymous said...

The students were extra tasteless tonight... though I did admire the "sleeper hold" move on the Minnesota fan who was looking for a fight through the first two periods.

And WTF is with the inbreds wearing UND garb to the game? I mean, I know that making money and living the "high life" isn't exactly the North Dakota way...but seriously, Walmart has cheap shirts and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Nice game. UM started out with an unbelievable forecheck - I think DU was quite surprised and wasn't planning on that. Joey, Rak & Ruegs were the leaders. Kangas is drafted by Hotlanta? Isn't that where Manno is? THAT would be interesting to see those two goalies in the Thrashers' system. Het guess what - Fourth Dakota LOST.... AND they SUCK

MagnessMan said...

A tale of two games tonight. The first two periods DU played lackluster hockey. Could not pass the puck for $@#&! George and CO ripped em new ones in the second and woke the first line up. Chevy is incredible and deserved the SO.
Love that he got the point.

My favorite play was Tyler fighting to get the puck in our offensive zone and cycling it to Rhett who made the easy pass to Big Joe for the goal. Hard work and effort made it look easy--Ruggs did the grunt work of diggin and clawing and set it up.

PP goes 0-5 and looked awful for 4 of the 5--similar to last Saturday at the Academy. I liked how George was mixing the lines up.

Historic chance to sweep the Gophs and the UNDies in the same year tomorrow night. I expect the boys will have more mental energy invested.

Feels strange to be pulling for the UNDies against the Huskies tomorrow night cause I flippin hate those no class, dirty MFers.

I usually don't complain about the refs when we win but I gotta say that Todd Anderson is a total embarrassment to the conference.

Funny that the second string announcer called Ruggs, Rhett as the second star. I'm sure Tyler had fun with that in the locker room.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great to see the win ... and lots of Boone images (where was Boone though, didn't see him all game?) ... the ND idiots have become a joke, even the Gopher fans were laughing at them!

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Big Boy Boonie on FSN!!! ??? I was buying a Molson tall boy in the main lobby... but I looked up on the monitor, and Mr. B was right beside the FSN announcer, seated at the desk on the side of the student section... that's awesome..... three cheers for DG!

Twister said...

What's the old saying----it's not how you start, it's how you finish.

DU was outskated and outplayed for 40 minutes. They gave UMN way too much room to skate in the neutral zone and the Gophers were able to use their speed to creat some effective pressure. Chevy bailed our guys out. Then in the 3rd period our playmakers step up and take control. That was a much better period.

Is anyone else as impressed with Chris Knowlton as I am?

Anonymous said...

OMG that's hilarious.... North Dakota SUCKS... and I mean S U C K S. Pop Quiz, kids...... who swept the Failing Sue?.... Times up;....uh.... that would be Mr. Rakhshani and his gangsta boyz from Colorado.... BOOM BOOM ON Y" BITCH ASS.... Fighting Sioux my ASS. Fight THIS, madda fagga!

Anonymous said...

CC is just a pimple on DU's ass. We have real teams to contend with now, thank God. St. Cloud State Puppies or somebody like that. Saturdaynight, we sweep these Goofers just like we done unto the SuckySioux. Bring us a real team... PLEASE

MagnessMan said...

Twister--I agree Knowlton got a lot of ice time tonight and is improving.
It will be interesting to see what happens to the lines when Jessie comes back.

Yep I was standing with DG and HP when Boone made his TV debut on FSRM.
Very cool! Viva la revolution!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Knowlton has found his game and I look forward to watching him progress over the next few years.

Oh and also... Todd Anderson is the monkey, and the WCHA is the football in this scenario. That was a great check from behind near the opposing penalty box on our guy that he missed... but was quick enough to blow the play dead because our guy was on top of the puck. He's a joke... must be the bastard child of McCleod or something

Anonymous said...

Chevy rocks.

Todd Anderson is a worthless sack of monkey turds.

Anonymous said...

Todd Anderson continues to be everything an official isn't supposed to be. He baits players and coaches, has a short fuse, and misses a lot of the game. He is an embarrassment to the WCHA and the game of hockey. Over the years he has showed a lack of self control that can't be tolerated in an official. It is time for him to go, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

What were the injurues?

Anonymous said...

Look at that... only 5 people standing for that goal by Ruegs. Glad I'm one of the 5!

Go DU!

dggoddard said...

Another interesting thing about the Ruegsegger photo is that no one in the picture is wearing officially licensed DU shirts.

Compare that to Madison three weeks ago when everybody was wearing Badger gear.

Anonymous said...

I can say that I am not wearing an officially licensed shirt because DU makes it much too difficult to find DU hockey apparel. Ever since they took the store out of Magness, they now only sell generalized DU merchandise with very little mention of hockey. When I asked about it, they tell me to go to the bookstore. I used to buy a new hat every year, but I think it's been 3 years now since they've made anything with any decent designs (again, from the little bit of variety out there).

Also, I find it hard to justify spending upwards of $55 for a hooded sweatshirt. When down at Air Force last weekend, I saw 3 really nice looking sweatshirts all for under $30, and several awesome looking hats...right there in the arena.

Just another example of how the DU Administration really doesn't put forth the effort for the fans.

And just for the record, all of the people in that photo (minus the guy who is barely clapping) show up every week and are season ticket holders and have been for many years. Most of them have also had those season tickets since Magness was build. So it's a good point DG... but to me it means DU doesn't seem too interested in what the fans think and they certainly don't try to help the fans get more involved.