DU 5 MN 1 Final

(above) Gophers are road kill for the Chevy
"I think they're the best team we've played this year."
- Minnesota coach Don Lucia

Joe Colborne led the way with a hat trick. He had goals in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd periods. He put DU on the board at the 18:58 mark of the first period on the power play. His first goal was assisted by Rhett Rakhshani and Patrick Wiercioch.

Anthony Maiani gave DU a 2-0 lead at the 1:07 mark of the 2nd period with assists to Brandon Vossberg and Kyle Ostrow. Joe Colborne got his 2nd goal on the power play at the 12:39 mark of the period again with assists to Rakhshani and Wiercioch to give DU the 3-0 lead.

Joe Colborne completed his hat trick at the 2:16 mark of the 3rd period on an unassisted shorthanded goal to make it DU 4-0. Brian Gifford got his first goal of the season to make it 5-0 DU at the 17:31 mark of the final period. Chris Knowlton and John Ryder had assist on Gifford's goal.

Marc Cheverie's bid for a shutout was thwarted at the 19:21 mark of the period when Tony Lucia tipped a Mike Carman shot for a power play goal with an additional assist to Nick Leddy. This was DU's 20th win of the season and they are 20-6-4.

First Star: Joe Colborne (Denver)
Second Star: Marc Cheverie (Denver)
Third Star: Patrick Wiercioch (Denver)


Anonymous said...

WTF - The refs were terrible tonight... giving DU a full 2 min 5-3 and PP after PP. That was bullshit.

That said though, DU would have beat us by 3-4 goals even if it was called fair.

Good luck to Denver the rest of the way, please just kick Sconi and ND's ass if you happen to play them again.

Anonymous said...

Well my Anonymous friend... kicking ND's ass, DONE. Denver played really good tonight. I'll admit, it's wierd to see the Gophers struggling. So - we swept the Failing Sioux, the Goofers. If we can sweep CC.... that's just plain awesome.

Anonymous said...

DU already tied CC once this year, so the Tigers can't be swept. But DU can win the Gold Pan back with a split or better.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Pios. Fantastic effort tonight after what I felt was a bit lacking last night. Go get 'em .... If nothing else motivates this team, all should rally around chevy and our seniors who are truly deserving of a championship. Let's do this.

- chase

puck swami said...

DU is coming together as a team, learning abut the importance of working hard and competing for 60 minutes.

When you combine the good talent with a good work ethic, this team of capable of special things.

Now its time to take care of business and win some games against teams they should beat and set up a pattern of strong work ethic and responsible play as the playoffs approach.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

To translate for all you USA visitors who may not read Chinese... the above post reads, "Screw you CC... you suck... and NODAK swallows.... WHO DAT going to Detroit? When was Boone borne? Boone was COLBORNE!
You say Rugsegger.... I saw ROOOOOOOOOGSAYGER

Pioneers04 said...

To our Asian, friend, that's Japanese, not Chinese... Lets avoid rehashing the scene from "The Replacements"

Anonymous said...


There's a difference????

Anonymous said...

As long as we're talking about The Replacements, I could sure go for some spare ribs right now...