College Hockey News Projects DU To Albany

There are many projected NCAA Brackets out there, but College Hockey News projects a straight bracket based on Pairwise seedings. With DU almost certainly chartering a plane to Albany, travel won't be an issue.

The NCAA will announce the four Regional Brackets on Sunday on the NCAA Hockey Selection Show at 9:30 AM MT on ESPN2.
College Hockey News' Projected Bracket

Midwest (Fort Wayne)

1. Miami vs. 16. Alabama-Huntsville
8. Bemidji State vs. 9. Yale

East (Albany)
2. Denver vs. 15. RIT
7. Cornell vs. 10. Northern Michigan

West (St. Paul)
3. Wisconsin vs. 14. Vermont
6. St. Cloud State vs. 11. New Hampshire

Northeast (Worcester)
4. Boston College vs. 13. Alaska
5. North Dakota vs. 12. Michigan


puck swami said...

RIT and Cornell will have their fan bases in Albany. DU will have some NY alums, but the team is going to need to buckle down and play much better than the disasterous showing in St. Paul...

wesuck said...

Wow denver looked pathetic this weekend, they won't win an ncaa game if they play like that again, sioux could be the team to beat...

pessimisticfan said...


1. Miami
2. Bemidji State
3. Northern Michigan
4. RIT

1. Boston College
2. North Dakota
3. Yale
4. Vermont

2. St. Cloud State
3. New Hampshire
4. Alabama-Huntsville

1. Wisconsin
2. Cornell
3. Michigan
4. Alaska

Anonymous said...

Swami, you ready to retract your statement on the importance of the wcha tournament to du fans yet?

By the way, I saw one du Jersey all weekend. Of course, the players don't count because they really didn't show up at all....;)

puck swami said...

Which statement would like me to retract?

I make a lot of statements....:)