Joe Colborne Signs With Boston Bruins...Maybe

A source emailed LetsGoDU that the Boston Bruins just signed Joe Colborne to a contract on Monday afternoon. Later in the day, the Denver Post reported that the contract had not been signed. Perhaps a deal had been agreed to, but as of Monday afternoon nothing was signed.

Then the DU Clarion newspaper reported that Colborne signed on Monday evening.
Sophomore Joe Colborne signed a contract with the Boston Bruins Monday evening and junior Marc Cheverie and sophomore Patrick Wiercioch also are expected to sign NHL contracts.
“I felt like I’ve had two years of great development down here,” Colborne said Monday afternoon. “I have my coaches teammates to thank for that. Boston said they definitely thought it was good for me to come now. They have been really impressed with what’s one on here and the help I’ve gotten here. A decision here as a group, my family and my agents in Boston as well thought it was a great time to make a move.”
Colborne said he is leaving Denver Wednesday morning.


dggoddard said...

Congrats to Joe. He will receive the Rookie max which is pretty good for a guy selected #16 in the First Round.

Will be interesting to see if Beau Bennett goes in the first round this summer. DU will need Bennett to be spectactular from the get go next season.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Clearly Team Cougar Fantasy Hockey has prepared players for the big leagues. Rob Bordson, Patrick Wiercioch and Joe Colborne all have signed pro contracts. I contribute it to excellent management by MEg and me.

vizoroo said...

Neither Joe or Patrick have hidden the fact they wanted to play in the NHL as soon as possible. Think Joe made more progress this year than Patrick. Of course, Paddy was probably dealing with a bad knee most of the year and he still needs some bulk/strength for the NHL.

Congrats to both of them. We'll be waiting to see them in the NHL.

Congrats to both of them.

Mike B said...

Whats the story with Chevy? I cant imagine that he would want to sign, unless they had a spot reserved for him. Goalies have to be much more aware of timing, if not, they get lost in the shuffle.

dggoddard said...

Four years after Chevy was drafted (2006), if he hasn't come to a contract agreement with the Florida Panthers, he can become an unrestricted free agent. That would mean this summer (2010).

His family advisor/agent can find the best situation with the most likely route to the NHL for Chevy.

Its the same free agency move that Blake Wheeler pulled a couple of years ago despite the fact that Phoenix was willing to give him the rookie maximum contract.

Anonymous said...

You're being credited with breaking the news ...

-- chase

dggoddard said...

Lets just say I have a rock solid third party source that the mainstream media can't get in touch with. :-)

Bill said...

The #1 prospect in the Florida system is a goalie and it isn't Chevy.

This is a good sign that he might stay for his senior year. For goalies to improve they need starts and if Chevy goes pro the only place he is going to get starts are in the ECHL. He would be better suited to stay one more year at DU, complete his education while still get plenty of starts. Unless he is a big fan of riding buses, DU is the better choice.

Denver Sports Couple said...

I figured there wasn't much incentive for Joe to stay at DU after seeing his linemates Tyler and Rhett graduate this year.

Amy said...

Doesn't surprise me but Joe's not ready to compete in the NHL. His physical play, faceoffs, and even speed need to keep improving if he wants to play in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

let the rebuilding year begin

Anonymous said...

Reloading. Year.

dggoddard said...

According to Mike Chambers at the Denver Post, neither Colborne nor Wiercioch signed a contract today.

Gwozdecky is asking both players to weigh their options carefully and take their time.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw a thread on some Bruins message board a couple of days ago which indicated Colborne would NOT be signing this year. I tried to say as much in an earlier comment, FWIW...

But, we will just see what happens! C'mon, just stay Joe!!!!

Anonymous said...

You honestly think cheverie would sign if he would play in the ECHL? he can become a free agent, so he's gone for sure. If he signs in Florida it is because they will make room for him and play him at least the AHL level, otherwise he will become a free agent and sign elsewhere. Either way he will be playing in the AHL next season.

ttt said...

Ok lets take a look at the DU departures.

1. T. Ruegsegger
2. R. Rakhshani
3. B. Vossberg
4. M. Glasser
5. B. Gifford
6. C. Brookwell

Those alone take a good portion of your team. Now lets look at possible early signings.

1. Joe Colborne
2. Patrick Wiercoich
3. Marc Chevy
4. Isn't Adam Murray transferring to UAA.

You add all those up and DU is in trouble next year. Even if Murray stays you wil still get lit up. Your new goalie coming from AJHL didn't necessarily tear it up.

Also little tidbit. Next year will mark six years DU has won an NCAA tournament game. At least next year you won't be expected to win one.