NCAA Ice Hockey Regionals Determined

The NCAA set the field for the 2010 Ice Hockey Tournament. They shuffled the four #3 seed teams for attendance and geographical reasons. The University of Denver will face the Rochester Institute of Technology in Albany, New York next Friday afternoon.
2010 NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament

Midwest (Fort Wayne)

1. Miami vs. 16. Alabama-Huntsville - 2 PM MT Sat. (ESPN-U)
8. Bemidji State vs. 12. Michigan - 5:30 PM MT Sat. (ESPN-U Tape Delay)

East (Albany)
2. Denver vs. 15. RIT - 1:00 PM MT Fri. (ESPN-U)
7. Cornell vs. 11. New Hampshire - 4:30 PM MT Fri. (ESPN-U)
East Regional Championship - Sat. @ 4:30 PM MT (ESPN-U)

DU Ticket Office M-F for DU Regional Tickets 303-871-2336
Purchase Tickets for East Regional $82 (3-Game Package)

West (St. Paul)
3. Wisconsin vs. 14. Vermont - 7 PM MT Fri. (ESPN-U Tape Delay)
6. St. Cloud State vs. 10. Northern Michigan - 3:30 PM MT Fri. (ESPN-U)

Northeast (Worcester)
4. Boston College vs. 13. Alaska - 11:30 AM MT Sat. (ESPN-U Tape Delay)
5. North Dakota vs. 9. Yale - 3 PM MT Sat. (ESPN-U)


Anonymous said...

Time and TV for games?

dggoddard said...

OK. :-)

Albany will be Friday & Saturday. Working on ESPn info.

Anonymous said...

When does the puck drop for the first game?

puck swami said...

Long trip and some good attendance for the NY schools (Cornell and RIT), but this is a winnable bracket for the Pioneers if they play hockey the way they did all year and not the way they played this weekend.

I think they would've got this bracket even if they'd won the WCHA tourney, so now its up to Gwoz and the seniors to figure out how to play with more intensity next week or the season will be over.

RIT is no cupcake, and they will have a good fan turnout in Albany, and Cornell will rocky the house with their fans. DU had better be ready to show up and play hard.

dggoddard said...

Almost certainly DU will charter a plane to cut down on travel fatigue. Flying a charter to Albany vs. St. Paul isn't that much more difficult.

Besides the change of scenery after the Horror of St. Paul is probably a welcome change of pace.

Cornell & UNH fans will be cheering for RIT. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why, Dear God, WHY does Barry Melrose have to cover this region? WHY? Give me Wooger. Give me the North Dakota announcers. Give me CC's announcers. ANYBODY but Barry.
By no small circumstance, his initials are also the acronym for Bowel Movement.

DU fans, get ready to hear the most biased, trash talking and unimformed commentary of your life. I think BM is more anti-Denver than anyone in the WCHA.

DU could shut out both games, dominate from start to finish - and BM would still find a way to cut them down and throw jabs. Oh, the non-Denver WCHA fans are gonna LOVE watching that one!!!


Anonymous said...

DU should get past RIT - Cornell will be more difficult because of their size and their goaltending. No margin for error in a one and out scenario. They need to be ready from the drop of the puck.

The Susies are in an interesting situation. They have been playing great hockey lately but they will likely face BC which will be an interesting matchup. I still think that the Susies will prevail.

My FF predictions: Miami/Denver/Wisc/UND. Almost a repeat of the complete WCHA FF a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

"DU fans, get ready to hear the most biased, trash talking and unimformed commentary of your life. I think BM is more anti-Denver than anyone in the WCHA."

No kidding. I can't think of one positive thing that he has said about the DU program over the years.

This morning on the ESPN2 seedings program, when the one announcer stated that Chevy was the best goaltender in the country ol BM just about had a stroke and went on and on about how great the Cornell goalie and team is and how they were going to surprise everyone. We shall see...

1980 said...

Melrose doesn't follow college hockey, he probably rolled into the studio this morning not even knowing who the teams are or what the PWR is. Its not just anti-DU, he just has no clue. For example, he also said NoDak had to win the WCHA tourney to get in. Yes, it will be annoying listening to him.

As for the bracket, if we play like we can, we should be in the frozen four, if we play like this weekend, we will lose to RIT

puck swami said...

So Barry Melrose hates DU. Big deal. He knows little about the college game and has a freaky mullet.

DU has much bigger issues to worry about. They players didn't play well last weekend, and they need to fix that or they are going to take it to their graves.

The coaches did not prepare the team well enough for the final five, and they need to do their part to fix issues.

Finally, DU is going to need to overcome some very good hockey teams who are all within reasonable driving distance of the regional.

DU has got to strap up and get after it.

dggoddard said...

I think UNH will take out Cornell. Should be a great game and I'd expect a very close game. OT???

Anonymous said...

Does DU get an allotment for the region? What is the contact # at DU for tickets?

puck swami said...

Yes. DU gets an alotment. I think it's about 400-750 seats.

There might be 100 Pio fans in attendance in Albany.

You'll have no difficulty getting seats in the DU section.

Call 303-871-2336 on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

The lack of respect DU is getting is just what the doctor ordered: plenty of bulletin board material. Number 2 goaltender? ok. Not getting out of the regional? even better.

DU has to realize the season starts NOW, and forget St. Paul and all those WCHA individual awards. Gwoz has some majic to work..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anybody know of a cheap airfare to albany? Does DU charter a flight for fans?

Puck Swami said...

DU doesn't even charter a Fans Frozen Four for flight let alone for a regional.

If the usual is done, DU will have a small handful of fans in Albany.

They should be working with the NYC alumni group to have some kind of reception up there for DU fans, but with the early game on Friday, this might be too much to ask.

Expect 50-100 DU fans in Albany

If DU makes it to Detroit, there will be 500-750 DU fans there.

achsdu17 said...

I defiantly like draw we got and I think we are in a winnable situation. Though no where will this be a cake walk and being the national tournament where anything can happen I expect DU to run into adversity. As long as DU can play hockey like they are capable of, our chances are pretty good we advance. I expect DU to come out and play hungry, angry, and passionate. As I said before anything short of a Frozen Four birth would be such a disappointment, that not even our consolation trophies can make up for it.

dggoddard said...

DU is going to have the team charter. They may want to or be able to sell some seats. Call Swami's number and ask. Can't hurt.

Call 303-871-2336 & ask on Monday morning.

dggoddard said...

Looks like $600 Denver to Albany is the cheapest right now. Other close cities including Hartford, Providence or Manchester aren't much better.

Use United or Delta Frequent Flier miles if you have them.

puck swami said...

Not sure how the Charter works in terms of seats for fans.

There is an interesting pilots discussion here about all the charters for the current NCAA Hoops tourney,

Anonymous said...

I grew up about 2 hours north of albany. Never cheap to fly into albany. Manchester is not close, hartford and syracuse are closer but not likely cheaper flights. If you can get a significantly cheaper flight to a NYC airport, amtrak is quick and cheap to albany. I am looking into it right now

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the Amtrack info.

gibneb said...

Alaska has to travel a bit huh.

Anonymous said...

UNH or Cornell won't be a rollover game ..I think UNH will take out Cornell and DU will have their hands full with Butler and UNH.

Hope I am wrong ..

Anonymous said...

I found airfare, hotel and a rental car for about $1600 for two people. It's going to be hard to convince the wife to spend that kind of money on a hockey vacation.

puck swami said...

Albany and Detroit are not great vacation destinations, but should the Pios win, the $1600 becomes a travel memory that never fades.

The two trips to see DU win in Boston in 04 and 05 Columbus rank among the great nights of my life. Seeing DU go down in Providence in 86 was still fun. Seeing DU get waxed in Madison Regional a couple of years ago was painful, but still had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Whoever gets to the 4 better be careful in Ford Field. I'm not sure that place is structually able to withstand being packed full of people screaming, clapping and stomping thier feet! I was born & raised there. 2 words that just don't mix are "Detroit" and "tourism". This is the city that invented carjacking and Devils Night; although it gave us Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, The Supremes, Bob Seger and it is the 2nd home of KISS.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the ice will be at Ford Field? It's not really the best time of year for an outdoor game. Last week the zamboni fell through the ice last week in Keystone. And that's at 11,000 feet!

Anonymous said...

That is a very, very valid concern. That IS NOT a hockey rink. This is a huge test for them. The NCAA better get it right; because it has potential to really be disasterous when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, do a little research. Ford Field is NOT an outdoor stadium and is in fact, quite nice. If the FF was at Joe Louis Arena, that would have been a bummer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to DU, I hope you represent the best league in college hockey well.

I will be in St. Paul cheering my SC Huskies on to the Frozen Four!

dggoddard said...

I think St. Cloud can win their Region. Good luck.