Who Is Rochester Institute Of Technology?

(above) DU's opponents this weekend may not be well known, but they have been winning recently

Nickname: Tigers - Pioneers hate Tigers
Location: Rochester, N.Y. - Home of Kodak a company that used to make stuff called "film"
Founded: 1829 - Older than DU
Enrollment: 15,000 - The 9th largest private college in US
Colors: Burnt Umber,Orange,White - Umber?
The Rochester Institute of Technology hockey team had an interesting season. The Tigers started the year 0-5-0 before righting the ship and going 26-11-1.

Of interest to DU fans; R.I.T. was waxed twice by WCHA near-cellar dweller Minnesota State Mankato 6-1 & 3-0 over New Year's holiday.

R.I.T. has won 10 games in a row and were an impressive 15-3-0 at home, but only 9-8-1 on the road. They play in the American Hockey Association, statistically the worst conference in college hockey. The Tigers were 0-6-0 in non-conference games.

If not for all the NCAA upsets last year and DU's ongoing problems with Air Force, who play in the same league, the Pioneers might be taking R.I.T. lightly.


puck swami said...

RIT is a different team than they were in January, having won 10 straight games coming into the tourney as the hottest team in the country. They beat Air Force twice in that span, a team that gave DU fits. They've got a great goalie and they are brimming with confidence.

DU needs to respect them, play as hard as they can and take care of business.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a situation ripe for overconfidence. DU has "played down" several times this season and better be ready for RIT.

puck swami said...

After the way DU played last weekend in St. Paul, they have no cause for overconfidence. They know full well that they left a steaming turd in St. Paul, and if they don't play very intensely for the rest of the tourney, they'll all take it to their graves. I'd like to think this NCAA challnege will bring out the best in them.

DJ Powers said...

I really like this matchup. I've had a chance to see RIT already this season and I'm with PS on the Pioneers needing to not take this team lightly.

They actually play a fun style to watch and have some players, most notably defenseman Dan Ringwald, that are well worth being on the lookout for.

IMO, this year's RIT team looks better than last year's and the Tigers looked pretty darn good last year, despite not making it into the tourney.

This should be fun and can't wait to see the game.

Anonymous said...

love that music