Lost Passport Worth Thousands To DU Alum

(above) Every time the Minnesota Wild travel to Canada to play road games, DU Alum Wade Dublielewicz makes an extra $8,000 per game

From: TwinCities.com

The NHL Minnesota Wild brought Wade Dubielewicz up as a backup goalie and dispatched Anton Khudobin to Houston of the American Hockey League because Khudobin, who is from Kazakhstan, lost his traveling papers during the season and is unable to leave the United States.

The turn of events will prove costly to Khudobin's bank account while boosting Dubielewicz's because either one gets NHL minimum of $500,000 a season on a per-game basis.

"Basically two weeks here is the same as two months there," Dubielewicz said of the difference in NHL salary versus minor league pay. "It definitely makes the summer a little easier."

He said he feels badly for Khudobin.

"I believe in him as a goalie, and he is a good person," Dubielewicz said. "He's part of the future of this organization."


dggoddard said...

Anyone else think Dubbie stole Khudobin's passport and the Gold Pan and we have a potential Klepto in our ranks? :-)

Mike B said...

Everyone knows that the Gold Pan is sitting on Greg Keith's mantle in Western Canada.
Dubie's too nice of a guy to steal anything from anyone.

dggoddard said...

What would the Washington Capitals do if Alexander Ovechkin lost his "travel papers?"

Anonymous said...

Run to the embassy in D.C ;-)

Aluuum said...

Keith doesn't have the Gold Pan. D.G. has it. He keeps it hidden in his closet with his toga.

Anonymous said...

This is the worse goaltender ever !