Students Want "Hot Dog Guy" At DU Events

(above) Jakov a.k.a. "The Famous Hot Dog Guy"

Supposedly there is a Hot Dog vendor named Jacob or Jakov (Russian pronunciation) who sells Dogs from his pushcart on Asbury Ave. Several DU students started a Facebook page to petition DU to allow Jacob to sell his Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, Chicken Sandwiches, other Meats as well as Nachos and Cheese.

I'm sure that DU's lawyers will find a million ways to keep Jacob off campus, but LetsGoDU always stands up for the little guy against the DU Machine. At least a little publicity might drive a few curious fans and students over to Jacob's Hot Dog Stand.

According to DU hockey fan Stephen Younger, Jacob's food is is GREAT TASTING and CHEAP.

Join Jacob's Facebook Group today and read the reviews of his Hot Dog Stand from alums, students and fans.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, SodexHo will crush him like a little smoky link..... unfortunately. Just like everything else, that's all controlled by the DU Mafia. The food concessions, particularly at Magness arena leaves alot to be desired. Sure there's the big money Nachos & carved sandwiches in the main lobby, which are ridiculously priced; but I feel bad for a student wanting to chow down; because the half-cooked foot longs and brought-in Black Jack Pizza kind of suck. There's absolutely no variety in what they offer. Another reason to stick with BEER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is not that DU isn't allowing him to serve his food. He has been selling hot dogs at DU for 8-10 years. The petition is requesting DU organizations and clubs to cater from the Hot Dog man, rather than from restaurants and other establishments.

puck swami said...

1) The DU Grilling Society often gives away free BBQ outside the arena before a lot of the DU games, and they do great job!

2) You can't blame DU for wanting to maximize their concession revenue at those events where people pay for food. The carved sandwiches are actually a pretty good deal when the chef piles on the meat. They taste great. The rest of the stuff is overpriced, but I still think DU's ticket prices are great when you consider what you get for your money vs the Avalanche. Student tickets are a great deal too if you get them early. $5 is sensational price - way less than a movie.

3) Hope the hot dog guy gets some gigs. Sounds like a good man

dggoddard said...

Agreed on the DU Grilling Society.

I'd like to see more of a "carnival Atmosphere" outside Magness on game nights. Depending on the weather of course.

DU did that Homecoming western themed a couple of Homecomings ago and it was great.

The Sodexo Chuckwagon BBQ's at the Lax games are great.

Friday nights are tough because everyone is breaking their neck to get to Magness from work, but Saturdays could be really fun.

Bands, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Lots of potential there, DG - and for shit sure, you'd be the one to lead the charge. Love the carnival idea. Pay $1.00 to fire darts at a Derek Sheperd or Chancellor photo. Get a junk car, paint "CC RULES" all over it and charge a buck to whack it with a sledge hammer. For 50 cents; Oops - I mean a dime - you can take a look at the 1957 NCAA Championsip Trophy. How about pay $1.00 for 2 balls at the dunk tank to have 3 tries at dunking some shmuck dressed as Chad Genoway in full gear?
We're on to something here......

Jordan said...

d.u.g.s. is out for every Saturday game all hockey season long. We'd love for each and every reader of this blog to show up, we're trying to create that destination environment so many here are talking about.

As for some of DU's smaller events go, Jacob might be a good fit, but depending on where you have your event, sometimes your only two options are $8.50/person burgers and dogs from Sodexho (too expensive), or d.u.g.s.

Pioneers04 said...


I'm not sure he has the infrastructure to do catering. I patronized his cart often during my time at DU and he was always great. Perhaps, a group could be enterprising and bring him to their event as a fundraiser, maybe at a Lacrosse game, but I wouldn't go much beyond that.