DU Student Election Results From Clarion

(above) DU's new Prez & Veep Jim Francescon & Felipe Diaz

From: DU Clarion Student Newspaper
by Arianna Ranahosseini

Junior Jim Francescon and running mate Felipe Diaz defeated junior Dillon Doyle and running mate freshman Megan Marshall in the election for undergraduate student body president 962-332, respectively.

“I’m so excited,” Francescon said. “We have so many great platform ideas and things we’re so excited to implement this year that are goingbenefit our undergraduate students in a positive way. We’re really excited to get going and we’re going to hit the ground running tomorrow.”

Francescon is the current student body vice-president.

Twenty-nine percent of the student body voted for president and vice president, down 5 percent from last year.

The winners for the remaining 19 senator positions and the number of votes they received are as follows:
Arts and Humanities Senator: Nikki Deutsch - 71 votes
Daniels College of Business Senator: Vanessa Torres Gangoo - 80 votes & Charlie Wondergem - 79 votes
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Senator: Dario Ogaz - 19 votes
International Studies Senator: Luke Niforatos - 34 votes
Junior Senators: Milan Chatterjee with 106 votes and Caitlin Lorenz - 129 votes
Natural Science and Mathematics Senator: Stuart Portman - 67 votes
Off-Campus Senators: Katie Bernell with 127 votes and Carrie Gamper - 50 votes
On-Campus Senators: Katherine Snow - 383 votes & Julia Godshaw - 207 votes
Performing Arts Senator: Jeanne Ireland - 30 votes
School of Engineering and Computer Science Senator: Trevor Kroeger - 14 votes
Senior Senators: Kelly Walker - 159 votes & Mindy Stone - 99 votes.
Social Science Senator: Craig Kirokawa - 99 votes
Sophomore Senators: Sam White - 176 votes & Jordan Loyd - 174 votes


Aluuum said...

If Boone ran he would have won.

puck swami said...

Let's hope some of these new USG folks are school spirit-oriented.

Anonymous said...

Did they run on a pro-Boone platform?

Anonymous said...

@Puck swami - Both are for sure for school-spirit. Jim ran on that idea as a Vice-President this year