Beau Bennett Drafted By Pittsburgh Penguins

(above) DU recruit Beau Bennett press conference after being selected with the 20th pick in the First Round of the NHL Draft

QUESTION: With all the centers in Pittsburgh, you spent the last portion of the season at the position. Do you stick to the wing now, or is that up to your coaches at DU?

BEAU BENNETT: Up to the coaches. Coaches’ decision. Wherever they slot me, I'll be willing to play. I want to be a player for a long time, and wherever that may be, I'm excited.

QUESTION: Can you talk about your decision to go to Denver?

BEAU BENNETT: The decision to go to Denver -- I had a couple options and decided to keep it close to home between CC and DU. And it really encompasses all that I was looking for in Penticton as well. Great team, great guys, great coaching. Big city. I'm really looking forward to taking my next step in my career.

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