Colorado College Revamps Hockey Marketing

(above) Does the NCAA really want to see their student athletes shlepping hockey tickets in cheesy commercials?

LetsGoDU was able to obtain ten marketing slogans that were rejected by the Colorado College Athletic Department in favor of their new "Lower Ticket Prices Campaign."
10.) Colorado College Hockey: 20 Consecutive Seasons Of Regular Season Excellence

9.) CC Hockey Ticket Prices Are So Low Our Students Roll Joints With Unused Tickets

8.) Early Playoff Exits Frees Up Time For Spring Skiing

7.) World Arena: The Only Venue In The WCHA That Uses Three Zambonis

6.) Colorado College: We'd Offer Levi Palin A Hockey Scholarship If We Thought DU Was After Him

5.) Come See The 2nd Best College Hockey Program In Colorado Springs

4.) Colorado College Hockey Tradition: We Have More National Championships Than Alaska-Anchorage and Minnesota-Duluth Combined


2.) Colorado College Hockey: The Fastest Midgets On Ice

1.) $149 To See DU Play Twice A Year Is A Bargain


Anonymous said...

#11: sure, the hockey isn't exciting, but don't miss the 3rd period entertainment consisting of Colorado Springs' most famous female celebrity dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe every single game.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Levi Palin?

Anonymous said...

Bristol and Levi are actually brother and sister. The fans from UND can explain how that works.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish to hell the CSU Rams would convert thier club program to D-I. That way, between the Rams & Bemidji.... that would be 2 teams already better than CC before they ever play thier 1st WCHA game. McLeod needs to dump CC. Who the hell cares about them? THEY SUCK

I'M RICK JAMES! said...

DU will finish the season below .500. Talk shit now because you won’t have much to say when the season starts. Wait… maybe your coach will get busted in a prostitution sting! Make sure to come suck a fart out of your mom's ass at the CSW this season!!!

Twister said...

Once again, another stellar top 10 list. Good work, DG.

Anonymous said...

Wait..when was the last time DU beat CC in Denver? Seems like those "midgets" have been giving the big bad Pioneers a tough time over the years :)