Colorado College Cracks Top 10: In Pot Smoking

From: Princeton Review (Log-in required)

The Colorado College hockey team may no longer be ranked in the Top 10 annually, but those crazy pot smoking students in the Springs annually appear on the Princeton Review's list of the Top 10 Marijuana Colleges in the Nation.

This year CC's students ranked #7 out of the 373 top colleges in the United States. Colorado College also scored well in several other categories.
Colorado College's 2010-11 Princeton Review Rankings
#20 Most Popular Study Abroad Program
#20 Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians
#19 Class Discussions Encouraged
#13 Everyone Plays Intramural Sports
#13 Happiest Students
#7 Reefer Madness
#7 Town-Gown Relations are Strained

2010-11 Top 10 Pot Smoking Schools
1.) University of California-Santa Cruz
2.) Eckerd College
3.) Bard College
4.) University of Vermont
5.) Skidmore College
6.) University of Colorado-Boulder
7.) Colorado College
8.) Hampshire College
9.) University of California-Santa Barbara
10.) Ithica College


puck swami said...

DU made the top 20 (#14) for our lack of race/class interaction.

Looks like all the money they are spending on improving diversity still isn't working very well.

Anonymous said...

DU also made #4 for trust fund babies.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts, DG. I'm a DU fan and CC hater and damn proud of it... but even I know that this is rigged; no way CU isn't #1 in the nation. But hey - CC sucks!

RogerWF said...

I was toked up the other night, as usual, and had this weird vision that DU apparently had a new recruit that this site had been ignoring for over a week!

So I cranked up the Widespread Panic and eventually came back to reality. You guys do great work!

dggoddard said...

Thanks Roger. Nice find.

Not sure how I missed this, maybe our Quality Control Coordinator was smoking.

ScottA said...

Well we did sign Popeye Jones' son to the hockey team...maybe we'll move down to #15 on the Princeton list. It's all so much silliness.

Anonymous said...

I find it a little sad DU only got ranked in one category, and a bad one at that.