FSN-RM To Release DU TV Schedule Soon

FSN-Rocky Mountain will release the DU TV Schedule probably in the upcoming week.

College hockey fans around the United States can watch DU games on FSN-Rocky Mountain via DirecTV (#683), Dish Network (#414) and any local cable provider that carries the Fox Sports Expanded Sports Tier.


dggoddard said...

FSN-Rocky Mountain emailed me back and said they should have the schedule out within a week.

Every time I've every emailed FSN-Rocky Mountain, they have jumped into action and got things done.

We've even been able to get them to televise DU 1st round playoff games just by asking. Pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to ask you when that was going to go up ... good work! -- chase

DenverGoldJersey said...

i just hope they pick up both the UND games... as they are early in the season... stupid football

Anonymous said...

I could have this wrong, but I thought that the FSSN (Fighting Sioux Sports Network) had an agreement with the FCS (Fox College Sports) channels to have all of their home games televised on one of the FCS channels.

Most cable companies carry the FCS channels, however, I know that Dish does not. Basterds.

I'm hoping that FSN-Rocky Mountain decides to pick up the feed, but I can't remember if they have in the past or not. I think I'm usually relegated to watching on the internet.

Fox Sports said...

Its a good news to hockey fans that FSN-Rocky Mountain will release the DU TV Schedule in the upcoming week but when its not defined. I am going to watch it live on Fox Sports through my internet.