Penn State Shakes Up College Hockey World

(above) Penn State's arrival on the scene will shake up the college hockey landscape

Some of the interesting rumors that are swirling around the college hockey message boards don't paint a pretty picture for the University of Denver hockey program.

Wisconsin and Minnesota will leave the WCHA for the Big 10 Hockey Coneference. Joining them will be Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State. Supposedly Notre Dame will join the conference as well and an announcement is expected within a month.

Indiana and Illinois are considering building multipurpose hockey/basketball arenas and would be potential candidates for the new conference. Supposedly Indiana has a big donor lined up.

Miami (Ohio) has inquired about joining the "new" WCHA and has been rebuffed.

Lake Superior State and Ferris State based in Michigan may consider dropping hockey, if the Big Ten powers leave the WCHA.

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