John Lee Spends Summer Working Out With NHLers

(above) John Lee (#5) will play a major role for the Pioneers this season

University of Denver Junior defenseman John Lee spent the Summer working out with Minnesota based NHLers. Veteran NHL pros Matt Cullen (Minnesota Wild), Mark Cullen (Florida Panthers) & Brian Lee (Ottawa Senators) were just some of the locals working out in Moorhead with John.


Anonymous said...

Penn State just made it official, an $88 million gift gets them to D1, mens and womens, for 2012-13 season. New arena by 2014.

-- chase

Anonymous said...

I wish I had an extra $88 million lying around to throw at a new hockey rink!

I think people on this site seem quick to say Penn State won't be a competitor any time soon. What we all need to remember is that this is Penn State, not the Colorado School of Mines or something. They're big-time and they will want to succeed as soon as possible. They didn't sign up to go winless for the first 5 years. They want to win immediately, and they have a good chance at doing that. How?

With such a bottomless pit of money at their disposal, Penn State will get a good coach (HEY DU ADMINS!!! SIGN GWOZDECKY NOW!!) who will attract good players. A good coach and good players are all you need to succeed on the ice, and success breeds success.

Also, school spirit at Penn State (like all Big Ten schools) is near the best in the country (their white-out at football games is awesome to see), so you know they'll have that brand new state-of-the-art facility rowdy on game days.

Fact is, this is a great thing for College Hockey.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they will be any better than OSU.

Anonymous said...

OSU was 21-19 last year. Not exactly National Championship-worthy, but then there's the part where they beat us 4-0.

You're also forgetting the fact that youth hockey in Philly/New Jersey is producing a lot of good players these days. Youth hockey in Ohio is nothing special.

Plus, if they get a good coach, it's not hard to convince a good player to come play for them. I'm not sure if you know of a guy by the name of Bill Tierney, but he's doing a pretty good job of bringing good lacrosse players to the middle of lacrosse nowhere to play for him. It's even easier to do when that unproven program is an hour or two's drive away.

Anonymous said...

Who did OSU play last year? The BTHC would be a top heavy league.

You could say the same about the WCHA but DU will be hoping for home ice next season.

Is it gonna happen? Probably but we'll be ok here out west...

Will DU become mid-major? Doubtful...

They can keep the PA guys out east...a