Chambers Blog Talks To DU AD About Big 10

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post spoke to DU Athletic Director Peg Bradley-Doppes about the potential membership changes in the WCHA.

In his meeting with Bradley-Doppes recently, she said she is concerned about the future conference of the hockey team, the school’s flagship program. The Pioneers have been with the Western Collegiate Hockey Association since the program began in 1949, and the league is considered the best in the business. But marquee members Minnesota and Wisconsin could ultimately bolt the WCHA and join Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Penn State in a six-team Big Ten hockey conference, backed by the almighty dollar of the Big Ten’s TV deal (read entire article).


msbdu said...

I am sure Gwoz will be receiving calls from Penn State in the not so distant future. Anyone know the status of his contract renewal?

dggoddard said...

No news on contract front.

Perhaps DU doesn't want to commit to a long term expensive contract when revenues might be severely affected in the future.

DU may be thinking they doesn't need a fancy coach or NHL calibur recruits if they are going to be stuck in a crappy watered down WCHA.

Anonymous said...

What did you day DG? Did you say DU sucks? What happened to all of the talk about the BHHC? DU can really make a name for themselves in the BHHC!

Donald Dunlop said...

Sweet. Can BHHC actually catch on?