Sunday, October 31, 2010

Denver 3 - North Dakota 0 FINAL

(above) Four of the last seven times UND has been shutout, it has come against DU. Marc Cheverie had two. Peter Mannino one and now Sam Brittain has the 4th

(above) "Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules The Ice" proclaims the Grand Forks Herald

On a night when Jesse Martin was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital for observation, the University of Denver hockey team responded with a gutty 3-0 victory against North Dakota. Sam Brittain led the way with his first career shutout.

There is no doubt that the turning point in the game was the vicious hit on Martin. Martin held the puck deep in his own zone, looking to make a pass. He had his head down and didn’t see UND senior forward Brad Malone bearing down for a hit. Malone knocked Martin out.

Martin sustained three neck fractures and is scheduled to have emergency surgery today in Minneapolis to relieve swelling of the spinal cord.

DU looked unsettled on the ensuing five minute power play but scored a beautiful goal on a bang-bang passing sequence as the penalty expired. Bennett to Maiani to Drew Shore who buried the puck.

Jason Zucker scored a shorthanded goal and Kyle Ostrow added an empty netter.


Anonymous said...

Is there a link to Malone hit? Was it clean?

Aluuum said...

I think the charging call was correct. Malone went head high with his stick and both forearms. It was a full speed hit.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to video of the Malone hit.

I'm hoping Jesse Martin will be back on the ice soon. Good luck to your Pioneers the rest of the season. I would love to see another UND/DU matchup in the postseason.

Anonymous said...

no it wasn't. He led with his shoulder. The call came only after Martin was injured which says that had he not been injured, this is a non-issue

Anonymous said...

Legal hit or not, Malone has a target on his back now. He'll get his clock cleaned sooner or later. In the pros he would have gotten his ass kicked after that type of hit.

Anonymous said...

The thing that gets me about thie hit is this: Martin obviously didn't have a whole lot of control over the puck. If Malone had been going in clean, he would've tried to make a play on taking the puck. He made no effort to avoid nailing Martin around the head/neck. No way that's a clean hit, regardless of whether Martin got injured on the play.

Aluuum said...

Malone CLEARLY went for Martins head. A cheap shot for sure.

Anonymous said...

Remember Robbie Bina? Wasn't Paukovich suspended by his own coach, not the league, for breaking Bina's neck in a UND/DU game a few years back? I don't recall that Paukovich even was penalized on the play.