Denver Post: DU Looks To End Postseason Skid

(above) Coach Gwozdecky addresses the team yesterday

From: Denver Post
by Ryan Casey

Motivation? How about three season's worth?

The University of Denver hockey team entered last season's NCAA Tournament as the second overall seed. It left with another sour taste lingering, after a first-round exit for the third year in a row.

"It's a big motivation," captain Kyle Ostrow, a senior, said Tuesday at Magness Arena [read rest of article]


dggoddard said...

Check out the Denver Post photos attached to the article. Very high quality resolution.

Anonymous said...

Who's Ryan Casey (the article author)? Is he new?

dggoddard said...

Mike Chambers was sick this week, so Casey was filling in.

Chambers is still the Post's beat writer on DU sports and car racing.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the team have to get into the playoffs this year in order to end the skid?

Might be a tall order.
Maybe a checklist is in order so that the team can be jinxed again.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the little note at the end about only 12 games on FSN... how lame is that? And not a single road game among them. How difficult could it be to air the two CC games from the Springs?