DU Clarion: North Dakota Next Up For Pioneers

(above) Next up; The Fighting Mullets

From: DU Clarion
by Steve Coulter

WCHA play gets tougher for DU as they travel to Grand Forks, North Dakota, to take on No. 8 ranked Fighting Sioux.

The Pioneers practiced yesterday and will hold practice today and tomorrow in Magness Arena.

DU departs Thursday morning and will get one practice in North Dakota before Friday's game, which begins at 6:37 p.m. MST.

"We'll get off the plane and practically step on the ice," said Gwozdecky. "So Thursday's practice won't be as thorough as we would have if we were playing at home."

As the team prepares for its second WCHA series, freshman Sam Brittain will most likely be asked to start both games as sophomore Adam Murray is nursing a groin injury.

Brittain started both contests against Wisconsin, limiting the Badgers to two goals in each match.

"Sam relishes the opportunity to play in both games," said Gwozdecky. "He held us within two (versus Wisconsin), knowing that if he did we could get the momentum on our side."

As for naming a permanent starter in net, Gwozdecky said he is not making up his mind just yet as Murray has to recover from his injury in order for the staff to evaluate each goaltender.

"I would have to say his status is questionable," said Gwozdecky.

Other Notable Injuries

Dusty Jackson has Mono, Nick Shore has wrist issues, Paul Phillips has persistent nosebleeds, and Justin Jones likely won't play until at least Thanksgiving due to what may be eligibility, transcript or academic issues. DU has not issued a statement regarding Jones as of yet. Jarrod Mermis is expected to be back from a groin injury this week.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mullet week returns.

Anonymous said...

A mullet and a turtle neck....great look. With a gold chain and a Cat Diesel Power hat that kid would be the Sioux homecoming king.

Anonymous said...

Any DU fans heading up for this series?

Anonymous said...

Dirty was a cute kid.

Anonymous said...

It looks like this kid was 1st place in the Minnesota Mullet Contest (MMC) back in 08.


vizoroo said...

Wondered why there had been no mention of Jones since summer. His enrollment was late and at that time eligibility issues came to mind.

Anonymous said...

What's it to ya Spamaroo?

Twister said...

A tough series looms this weekend for DU. The Sioux are sure to be in an ornery mood after getting swept by Maine. I would certainly be happy with a split. Ostrow and the other seniors will need to lead this team through hostile territory.

The Pios need to get healthy!

Anonymous said...

Crap, I was selfishly hoping that Justin's Dad woulda' been at Parents night, but I noticed Justin was nowhere to be found. I was a huge Mavericks fan back in the day; Popeye was a heck of an athlete and it would be a real honor to meet him. I was a big Tornado season ticket holder back then too; but that was before jones played for them. The Dallas Metroplex has amassed a pretty good hockey breeding ground. my hope is that someday Denver will grow to be just the same.

Anonymous said...

Any fans heading up for this series?.......you DU fans are lucky to get anyone to attend in your own building. Your 40-something "life-long bachelor" is really disapointed in you DU fans.
Is that what Denver folks call them now?...."life-long bachelors".

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a DU fan, going to Grand Forks for the series. Never been there. Infact, this is my 1st Pioneer road trip ever. Looking forward to seeing the building and experiencing the storied- enviornment. But I'm not so sure that this will be the penalty-riddled hatefest and fisticuff war-zone that we've seen before with these 2 groups. Different rosters, different times. If Zucker unwinds Friday night, the Sioux will be wondering WTF happened. If Brittain & the Denver defense forget to pack thier game in thier carry on bags...... DU will be wishing like hell it was 11pm on Saturday at 7pm on Friday...... I think anything goes this weekend. There are no gimmies either way

Anonymous said...

If you're really headed to Grand Funk and want to get the total hockey experience, swing by Whitey's and Bonzers with your 40 something bachelor and your pioneer hat. They might even buy you a drink or two. Enjoy the fantastic weather this weekend also. The winter storm warning is set to expire tomorrow at 7pm!!

Anonymous said...

Nice typo in the first sentence... way to make DU look better than UND. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

"Is that what Denver folks call them now?...."life-long bachelors".

No. In Denver we call them middle aged North Dakota flatheads. "

Goon said...

I must say that I am disappointed I expected more from you D.G. :) Should be a good series. I have to say that I would rather watch the Sioux play the Pioneers than the Gophers.