DU Defeats US National Development Team



1st Period
DU Goal - Zucker (Fr)

2nd Period
DU Goal - Donovan (So)

3rd Period
USNDT Goal - Biggs
DU Goal - Olszewski (Fr)
DU Goal -Zucker (Fr)
DU Goal -Zucker (Fr) Shorthanded
DU Goal - (Sr) Maiani
DU Goal - (So) Donovan
DU Goal - (Fr) N. Shore

DU Lineup
K. Ostrow-Martin-Maiani
Bennett-D. Shore-Dewhurst
Zucker-N. Shore-Salazar
Mermis-Olszewski-S. Ostrow




dggoddard said...

5 of 8 goals scored by Freshman.

Murray looked good in goal.

Thing are looking good so far.

Anonymous said...

DU is for real.

du78 said...

Close game for 2 periods and then the barn doors opened up for DU. Brittain will play goal tomorrow night against Lethbridge.

puck swami said...

Strange game - don't read too much into it. DU was playing lots of guys that won't see much ice time. Took DU a while to get the legs going, but one they did, the 17 year olds for Team USA could not keep up and the game ended up as a blowout. Murray didn't face a lot of hard shots, but stood tall when he had to .

Zucker and Donovan took over the game.

Amy said...

Anybody else notice the icing calls? Is calling icing during the pk a permanent rule?

puck swami said...

No the icing rule is not permanent- they are just experimenting in exhibition games.

Amy said...

That's good. The icing rule really slowed down the pace of the game.

Hockey's finally back! Zucker was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Thing are looking good so far.
DU is for real.

Yes, an exhibition win a season makes. :D

The freshmen will probably have a harder time scoring against players that aren't 17yo. :)

Anonymous said...

DU looked fine-but don't get too excited because they will be middle of the pack unfortunately-UND looks to tough this year.

msbdu said...

Anyone know why Jackson and Wrenn didn't suit up?

msbdu said...

BTW, we went to C&G before the game and had dinner. The place was packed but the burgers were great and so with the margarita!

Anonymous said...

The Pronghorns are an older and stronger team than USA; so I tonights pre-season game will be a little more even. (I haven't seen how Lethbridge did in down Colorado Springs yet on Saturday) During warmups ..... did you guys see how big #1 is??? I thought he was the tallest guy out there. Sam is a friggin giant!

dggoddard said...

CC Defeated Lethbridge 5-1.

#4 Michigan opened their season against Mercyhurst and blew a four goal lead to tie 4-4.

Twister said...

Entertaining game last night. It was very cool to see the national team in person, and I thought DU looked solid overall. I liked what I saw of Murray in net, and this year's freshman class looks great. Looking forward to tonight.

dggoddard said...

According to Chamber's Blog...

UPDATE: Senior W Dustin Jackson (illness) and sophomore W Chris Knowlton (unknown) did not play and are doubtful for Sunday’s game against Lethbridge.

Scratched was sophomore William Wrenn, who is recovering from off-season hip surgery (UPDATE: He has a hamstring injury).

Anonymous said...

Those 17 year olds didn't know what a juggernaut they were up against.

The WCHA better watch out, as the road to the MacNaughton Cup will be coming through DU.

What a dynasty the Pios have going!

Zucker will win ROY going away. Book it!

Anonymous said...

Juggernaut? How do you like your crow served?