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(above) Coach Gwozdecky talks about the exhibition win on Saturday night

Mike Chambers of the Denver Post says that DU answered the biggest offseason question in the 8-1 victory over the USNDT last night.
Chamber's Blog has some details on Jason Zucker's sensational hat trick last night against the USNDT. Chamber's isn't beyond patting himself on the back by predicting that Zucker would be the best Freshman in the WCHA this season.
DU has new-look white home sweaters and socks this season. The colors are the same, but the crimson and gold stripes are the traditional DU pattern, with small gold stripes surrounding a bigger crimson stripe around the waist and shin. Also, the numbers are of a different, tighter font. Its a cleaner, better look.
DU fans may have noticed a few new rules in last night's game. Some of them are experimental and won't be used in the regular season. Chamber's Blog has an interview with Tim Swiader, a longtime Denver-based WCHA/NCAA assistant referee (aka linesman), who gives his feedback about the handfull of new NCAA hockey rules.
The DU hockey TV schedule on FSN-Rocky Mountain STILL hasn't been released but Chamber's Blog says that only 12 games will be televised instead of around 18 games in the past.


puck swami said...

I am not sure the linemates question has been really totally answered yet.

I think the freshmen could play together, but it's hard to know how effective they are yet, as they haven't played a game against anyone older than they are.

Addtionally, the upperclassmen did very little against Team USA's 17 year olds - here's hoping Lethbridge provides a better calibre of opposition.

Let's see if tonight's performance gives a better read.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it's been done before - and which Freshman had a hattrick during his first appearance at DU? judging by the way the Interviewer posed the topic - aparantly it HAS been done. - but WHO & WHEN?????

Anonymous said...

One important note about the hat trick... it doesn't count. Let's not get so wrapped up about it. How'd Zucker play tonight? Still ROY material? Enjoy the season, folks. A couple of exhibition games don't define an entire season. Puck Swami gets it.

Hope Chambers can get close enough to his keyboard to write a wrap up of tonight's game. His chubby for Zucker might get in the way.