DU Pep Band To Play At Spanky's Pep Rally

Between 35-40 members of the University of Denver Pep Band will be performing at Spanky's Roadhouse (1800 E. Evans Ave) on Saturday (4-6 PM).

The band will play three 30 minute sets to pump up the crowd before heading over to Magness Arena to perform at the DU vs. Wisconsin hockey game.

This event is "voluntary" for the band members, so having such a large turnout shows how excited the students are to meet the hockey fans and grab some food at Spanky's.

The band will be collecting donations at the event to fund instruments, travel and uniforms. They will accept cash or checks made out "University of Denver Pep Band." Donations are tax deductible.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know. Let me share with you the one time I went to an Ohio State Football game. Before the football game we filed into St John's area for the skull session. The skull session is the Marching Bands performance of their pregame, halftime, and post game music. The pregame is always the same: national anthem, carmen ohio, and the fight song. 14k to see this. amazing.

I dont expect the same thing with the DU prep band but if they routinely do this prior to game day, a tradition will be born which will connect more people to the event.

dggoddard said...

Nice story about Ohio State. Thanks for sharing.

One of the things that I'd like to see come out of the Spanky's event is for the band to see how much the fans appreciate them playing at hockey games.

Anonymous said...

What can we do to get the band to play at all hockey games? They really add a lot of energy to the building.

dggoddard said...

Great to hear that the band is rocking Magness. Its really important to tell the band members what a great job they are doing.

Best chance to hear the band at every game would be to continue to grow the band and then split them up into a "Friday night band" and a "Saturday night band."

Don't forget the band also has to play at many men's and women's Hoops games as well as other events around campus. That's a lot of time.