DU's Recruiting Class Named #1 By INCH

(above) For the first time, Inside College Hockey has named DU's 2010 recruiting class #1

When your recruiting class features two of the top four forwards, the #4 defenseman and #3 goaltender, you're destined to have the #1 recruiting class in college hockey. It takes years to build a single recruiting class and there are so many potential pitfalls along the way. No doubt this is a proud day for everyone associated with DU recruiting.
INCH Ranks DU's Past Recruiting Classes & Key Recruits

2010 - #1 - N. Shore, Bennett, Zucker, Brittain, Makowski

2009 - #2 - Shore, Donovan, Wrenn, Murray, S. Ostrow

2008 - #8 - Colborne, Lee, Wiercioch

2007 - #9 - Bozak, Martin, K. Ostrow, Cheverie

2006 - #4 - Rakhshani, Ruegsegger, Brookwell, Seabrook

2005 - #6 - Butler, Trotter, Mullen, Fast

2004 - #8 - Stastny, Mannino, Dingle, Thomas, May, Paukovich
2010 Recruiting Class
F Jason Zucker (U.S. Under-18) - #4 forward
D David Makowski (Green Bay, USHL) - #4 defenseman
F Nick Shore (U.S. Under-18) - #14 forward
F Beau Bennett (Penticton, BCHL) - #2 forward
F Dan Olszewski (St. Louis, NAHL)
F Jarrod Mermis (Lincoln, USHL)
G Sam Brittain (Canmore, AJHL) - #3 goaltender
F Justin Jones (Texas, NAHL)


dggoddard said...

No doubt its DU's best recruiting class ever. Congrats to the coaches and players that made it happen.

Its been a long climb up the recruiting rankings.

2000 was a breakout year for recruiting (James, Caldwell, Berkhoel, Dora, Keith, Laatsch, Bull and others)

2003 landing Matt Carle was a significant milestone.

2004 was DU's best class in recent times Thomas, Stastny, May, Mannino, Paukovich & Dingle

2007 Landing Bozak who in no time became the best player in college hockey

2008 Landing Colborne & Wiercioch and keeping them away from Major Junior teams that were hot on the trail.

puck swami said...

Congrats to the DU staff.

Granted INCH isn't Sports Illustrated, but this little nugget could help Gwoz in contract negotiations. It will be interesting to see if DU re-runs the INCH story on its web site or not...

du78 said...

Great stuff, from the first few games it looks like these guys are the real deal. Lets hope they produce all season long.

Twister said...

I really like what I've seen of Zucker thus far. He has "C" written all over him.

Aluuum said...

Killer Miller,he's the man. If he can't do it no one can; and he does it every year.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this "championship"...it will probably be the only one that DU wins all season.

dggoddard said...

You win recruiting battles and eventually it leads to championships.

Anonymous said...

11:32.......we have your mom still, though, so we are all winners.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! WE have the best subjectively analyzed recruiting class in the entire COUNTRY!! It's great how INCH can determine this when classes are different sizes at each school and coaches use freshmen in a different manner.

We need to start a check-list!!!


dggoddard said...

Granted the list is subjective, but it is newsworthy.

What it does show, is that the DU coaching staff is doing an amazing job of projecting these recruits ability to improve several years before stepping foot on campus.

Also the fact that DU hasn't had a recruit decommit to major juniors shows the character of these recruits. Many elite recruits are offered cash, cars and enticements to forgo their college experience.

Finally, the WCHA academic accolades DU players have achieved in recent seasons is worthy of a banner. DU players have done amazingly well in the classroom and on the ice.