UND Team Bus Rear Ended Last Night

From: Star Tribune
by Roman Augustoviz

At 5 p.m. Thursday evening the bus transporting the North Dakota hockey team, including the coaches, was hit from behind.

The driver of the car apparently dozed off. And awoke too late to stop as the bus slowed down near a railroad crossing near Erskine, Minn. Nobody was hurt in the accident but the car was totaled and the Sioux had to wait for another bus, a short yellow school bus, to take them the rest of the way.

Their bus was leaking coolant. Not a good thing.

North Dakota hockey sport info. guy Jayson Hajdu tweated and blogged about the incident. Once he knew everyone was OK, Haydu wrote, Sioux associate head coach Cary Eades joked, "They've gotta crack down on all this hitting from behind."


dggoddard said...

You have to wonder if the car driver was a Bemidji fan hired by the team to ram the bus?

Are these the type of tactics that Bemidji is going to employ to gain equal footing in the WCHA?

Anonymous said...

All the Sioux on the short school bus.

Must make them feel like just like the old days..

Anonymous said...

No joking matter. Wait until the North Dakota Lawyers get thier hands on this. Whiplash for, say 29 people, "severe" body damage to the bus, Minnesota State and EPA fines for dumping hazmat, emotional distress for 29 people, loss of revenue for the bus company while the bus is in the shop.... and even more, I'm sure. The snoozer is going to regret this, and so will his children and grandchildren. God Bless the poor students who were involved. This will clearly scar thier education and future learning abilities, not to mention severely impacting thier ability to play ice hockey again.