Banner Signing Photos

(above) On Friday afternoon DU players & staff signed Jesse's #14
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(above) Jesse Martin's Banner before the signatures came flooding in

(above) DU students started signing at the D.U.G.S. BBQ

(above) DU alum Miller Baird (DU '72) [on right] receives praise from a fan

(above) When signatures filled the banner, fans signed the back
[click to enlarge photo & see signatures]

University of Denver Alum Miller Baird (DU '72) and his wife Debbie worked tirelessly to gather thousands of signatures on Jesse Martin's Banner Friday evening. They met hundreds of students, hundreds of alums and thousands of DU hockey fans.

Angel Field in the DU Athletic Department was able to gather the player signatures earlier in the afternoon.

Thanks to all the fans who participated and to the volunteers who made it happen. Doubtless many will ever forget this magic evening when Pioneer Nation came together to support one of our injured athletes.


du78 said...

Pictures are great!!!!!

Great job by Miller, Debbie and Angel and all elese involved.

vizoroo said...

Great outpouring of support for Jesse. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Puck swami said...

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this happen. Especially Miller and Debbie for buying the banner and collecting the signatures, DG for masterminding and collecting the funding the Minnesota trip to present the banner today, and Zeke Perez, who gets the honor of presenting the banner to the family in St. Paul. Also to Angel Field for all her work in making the banner available for the team and fans at Magness.

The banner brought everyone together in a common cause, and I am sure Jesse and his family will enjoyhaving that symbol of support and pride.

A big thanks to the students, who also turned in a Division I level cheering performance in support of Martin and the team. They really came together from the pregame, to the anthem, all game long until the final horn. Your enthusiasm was a big difference maker...,

Our students