Boone Likes "Great" Brittain's Goaltending

(above) Du's Freshman goaltender Sam Brittain has been playing "Great"


dggoddard said...

Thanks to DU student Amy Younger for making this Photoshop for us.

Who know? Perhaps you'll be seeing this sign at Magness soon.

achsdu17 said...

Ahh... Amy beat me to it.

Oh well... I guess the students should start learning how to sing "God Save Our King" ;)

achsdu17 said...

God save our gracious King,
Long live our noble King,
God save the King:
Send him victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us:
God save the King.

Anonymous said...

I like to watch guys try & storm Sam's crease. Usually with most goalies, guys try to screen the goalie; and when there's scrums in the crease, bodies go flying, and they end up interefering with the goalie & penailzed or they get a goal. With Brit.... he's so friggin big, the brave guys that do try & rush the crease bounce off of him like they're flys. Doesn't seem to faze Sam one iota. Even when he's down in the butterfly.... I don't think a bulldozer could knock him over. His upper body strength must be off the charts