DU 6 - Minnesota State 1 FINAL

The University of Denver rolled to a 6-1 victory over Minnesota State on Saturday night. Anthony Maiani scored his 100th career point after recording two goals and an assist. He scored both a power play goal and a shorthanded goal.

Beau Bennett scored his first collegiate goal in the first period.

Luke Salazar's two goals upped his season total to 7 goals.

WCHA Standings

1st Period

DU Goal - Maiani (Donovan, Makowski) 5 on 3 PP
DU Goal - Salazar (Zucker)
DU Goal - Bennett (Makowski, Maiani)

2nd Period
MSU Goal - Zuck (Louwerse)

3rd Period
DU Goal - Salazar (Mermis)
DU Goal - Makowski
DU Goal - Maiani SH

DU Lineup
Zucker (A), D. Shore, Salazar (2G)
Maiani (2G,A), K. Ostrow, Bennett (G)
Knowlton, N. Shore, S. Ostrow
Mermis (A), Dewhurst, Cook

Donovan (A), Nutini
Ryder, Makowski (G,2A)
Wrenn, Phillips

Brittain, Murray, Rosenholtz


Anonymous said...

Maiani joins the century club!!

dggoddard said...

Good point about Maiani. DU needs Bennett and Maiani to keep rolling.

John Lee is out with a broken hand, but he thinks he'll be able to play next week against Bemidji.

dggoddard said...

CC losing to Yale 4-1 down in the Springs

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Josh get a little pipe time tonight! Lots of "firsts" this weekend. Shore bros on DU ice, Bennett & Mako goals, Zucker put on the shit list, Josh played, team's first sweep..... good times

Amy said...

A lot of positives and negatives tonight.

- Maiani gets his 100th point and contributes to the scoring
- Makowski has another good game and is starting to make a big impact
- Brittain stays strong in net
- Converted on PP & 5 on 3

- Slow start in the 1st Period
- Didn't show up in the 2nd Period
- Still taking useless/stupid penalties

Anyone know why Zucker got a 10 min misconduct? I figure it was pretty bad since Gwoz benched him the whole 3rd period. One more thing...is anyone having any problems with some of the security? They practically wanted to pat us down like we were in an airport.

puck swami said...

This was a workmanlike effort over an overmatched MSUM team. Bennett and Makowski bagged goals this weekend, and those offerensive contributions are needed for an injured Pioneer team.

Four very needed WCHA points this weekend, and gets the Pioneers into a winning mode. DU was also undisciplined this weekend, and the Pioneers need to fix that.

Anonymous said...

When you get a 10 under those circumstances, the usual culprit is a comment to the officials that the officials didn;t care for, or for not following a ref's instructions.

Whateever it was, Gwoz sent a message to the team that he will not tolerate that kind of stuff from his team, and rightly so. It Gwoz wants to get kicked out, that's choice, but the players don't have a choice if they want to be Pioneers.

Amy said...

Yeah it makes sense now. I just listened to the post game interview with Gwoz. He just commented on how the WHOLE team needs to be more disciplined. Gwoz said that Zucker took it well and was still contributing on the bench.

dggoddard said...

Too many DU players were complaining each time they were called for a penalty this weekend. The only players who should be opening their pieholes to the refs are the captains.

Zucker was probably they best player on the ice this weekend, he'll bounce back.

Jashko getting a buck thirty-five between the pipes. Nice.

Got to say it again. Rycroft on the radio is like having a coach explaining the game. Plus he doesn't hold back when analyzing the players.

Four-way battle in the WCHA for the MacNaughton between DU, UND, UMD & UNO. The next eight games will make or break DU's chances.

CC lost to Yale 5-1 at home.

Jarrod Mermis had an assist and Salazar with more two goals. Funny how everyone's stats improve when you team them up with frontline players. Its fun to win big and see some fresh faces on the scoresheet. Let's do it more often.

Anonymous said...

Zucker got a 10 min penalty because he yelled a naughty comment to the Referee that people in the Crimson Club seating heard loud & clear. We sure heard it, 4 rows from the penalty box. ??? Something like, he disagreed with the call.... and a fire truck.... and livestock manure ??? And Gwozdecky put Jason in his place and perhaps knocked him back down to size..... making the statement that that's not going to fly with George...

I always laugh when players argue with the refs..... as if the ref will say, "wait a minute - you know, you're right; tell you what - forget the penalty - I apologize - my bad" LOL Kind of like getting pulled over by a cop.....

puck swami said...

Gwoz did the right thing to bench Zucker, not only for Zucker's sake as a young player, but for the whole team as an example of mouth control with the refs. Do your talking with your play.

That said, I admire Zucker's competitive fire. He just needs to channel his passion to those aspects of the game he can control.

Twister said...

Good weekend for DU. The Pios need to position themselves to take points from these series against teams in the bottom half of the league.